Throw your usual underwear overboard!
Throw your usual underwear overboard!
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Throw your usual underwear overboard!

Davide Natali
Zurich, on 03.07.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
Ahoy! I'm hoisting the Comfyballs flag, the male underwear sensation. We've just added it to our range. Why does this Norwegian brand blow your other pants out of the water? Here's why.

What the brand promises:

the name says it all. Your balls are supposed to dangle and be «comfy» throughout the day. Especially on warm days, many a man knows that unpleasant sticky feeling close to the thigh. Plucking and straightening out your crotch – no more! The flat seam on the front side lifts your «equipment» forward slightly. Your apartment, this being the underpants, will have a balcony added to it. The delicate material is breathable, flexible and unusually light. Just see for yourself!

Cotton Regular (M, Single pack)
Comfyballs Cotton Regular (M, Single pack)
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Viking in underpants

And what does all this have to do with Norwegian models on a sailboat? Nothing, really. They're ordinary sailors on a voyage. At the request of the Comfyballs founder, they subjected the product to a practical test. A photographer joined the men. In any case, the pants seemed to go down well with their wearers.

Fits like a glove! The «Regular» variant in the Performance series.
Fits like a glove! The «Regular» variant in the Performance series.

The variants

There are two series – «Cotton» and «Performance» - which are each available in the variants «Regular» and «Long».

The «Cotton» series

«Cotton» is intended for daily use and consists of 92% combed cotton and 8% lycra. The cotton fibres are combed before being spun into yarns to avoid short fibres and unwanted particles. This makes the fabric extremely soft and durable. The elastane content provides a strong and flexible hold and high breathability.

cotton long (M, Single pack)
Comfyballs cotton long (M, Single pack)

The «Performance» series

«Performance» consists of 84% polyester and 16% lycra, which not only makes the underpants very soft and durable, but also ensures quick drying: since moisture is quickly transported away from the skin, these pants should therefore be particularly suitable for sports.

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Davide Natali
Davide Natali
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