The return of the King: the MX518
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The return of the King: the MX518

Sebastian Karlen
Zurich, on 29.05.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
Its predecessor had legions of dedicated fans behind it. At the community's request, Logitech has revived the legend, revealing the slightly updated legend.

Little strokes fell big oaks – or in our case: incessant requesting results in eventual rewards. Originally, the new MX518 wasn't intended to be sold in Switzerland. Still, we badgered our supplier without rest until the mouse arrived at our facilities.

MX518 (Cable)
71.48was 80.78
Logitech G MX518 (Cable)

Same same...


The original shape has been restored. The classic, even the glossy key plate has been retained.

DPI switching

Your DPI preferences can be easily switched through using the buttons directly above and below the mouse wheel.

...but different


The «Hero 16K» is new in town, however. It's currently Logitech's most accurate gaming sensor. It touts a bandwidth of 100-16,000 DPI without any smoothing, filtering or acceleration.

Built-in memory

Up to five profiles can be stored in the integrated memory. The stored profiles can be retrieved from any PC without additional software. A total of eight keys can be freely assigned.


The new model is slightly slimmed down compared to its predecessor: it's a whopping 5 grams lighter.

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Sebastian Karlen
Sebastian Karlen
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