The return of a classic: Pokémon Snap, out now for Switch
The return of a classic: Pokémon Snap, out now for Switch
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The return of a classic: Pokémon Snap, out now for Switch

Tosca Testorelli
Zurich, on 23.04.2021
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
The last console to feature a «Pokémon Snap» title was actually the time-honoured Nintendo 64 – now, 20 years later on April 30, 2021, we finally get a new instalment for the Nintendo Switch. Pre-order your game just in time for the release, and jump into the colourful snapshots adventure that is «New Pokémon Snap».

Enjoy travelling and taking pictures? Well, instead of selfies and Snapchat filters, why not grab your Nintendo Switch and start collecting memorable shots on a Pokémon safari? The adventure game «New Pokémon Snap» has you exploring Lentil and taking photos of over 200 Pokémon in their natural environment. The lively title is aimed at all curious explorers – young or old, amateur or professional, beginner or expert.

With launch items, we'll ship your order exactly one day before, so your game will be in your mailbox or ready to pick up on release day. This way the fun can start on time, and you can already take your first pictures during the weekend.

Your task

  • Enjoy the versatile world of Pokémon and take lots of unique snapshots for your photo album. In the course of the game, you'll learn completely new Pokémon expressions and behaviours of as well as how to use specific tools (cue the juicy velvet apples).
  • Your photo collection will be rated from 1 to 4 stars by Professor Mirror: all to help you create your own Photo Codex in New Pokémon Snap.
  • Your score in the Photo Codex depends on the Pokémon's pose, its size and positioning in the picture, and its line of sight to the camera, among other things. Enhance your images in Photo Codex using filters, stamps, various effects and frames.
  • Document the mysterious Lumina phenomenon and unravel the riddle of the mysterious glow: in Lentil, you can observe a strange glow emanating from plants and Pokémon under certain conditions.
  • Share your unique likeness of a swinging Aipom online, then show off your achievements to the New Pokémon Snap community.
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Your equipment and environment

  • The picturesque Lentil region and its numerous islands offer up stunning vistas to explore. A variety of landscapes await you: long beaches, impenetrable jungle, colourful underwater worlds or barren deserts. And in the middle of it all, of course, your models: over 200 wild and wonderful Pokémon.
  • Your constant companion: your camera. Instead of moving around on foot during your photo tour, you fly through the wilderness in the safe and state-of-the-art «Neo-One-Mobil».
  • On your journey as a budding photographer you're joined by Professor Mirror, for one. Rita, a smart research assistant, and your overzealous friend Phil complete the team.
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The world of Pokémon

Looking for your next Pokémon fix, but aren't into photography? Then a journey through Pokémon Sword or Shield will be worthwhile.

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See you soon! Your photo journey can begin.

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