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The new tumble dryers with iSensoric

Sensor-controlled technology for perfect laundry care.

Give yourself more freedom – and your laundry special treatment with each drying process. Thanks to numerous innovative sensors, the intelligent iSensoric Control Unit always knows exactly how to treat your laundry and ensure an optimal degree of drying – without the risk of shrinking or damaging it. Outstanding energy efficiency and guaranteed life-long top performance are only two additional benefits that iSensoric has to offer. For a life less ordinary.

iSensoric – in all Siemens tumble dryers!

iSensoric by Siemens is a true innovation when it comes to laundry. The intelligent system is based on a variety of innovative sensors and smart software – the iSensoric Control Unit. It features an impressive interaction between the sensors and the software and always knows exactly how to treat your laundry. Outstanding energy efficiency and guaranteed life-long top performance are only two additional benefits that iSensoric has to offer. Explore the unique features that this new technology has to offer and discover how they enrich your life. For a life less ordinary.

selfCleaning condenser – Keeps the drying performance high and the energy consumption low – automatically and for life.

The selfCleaning condenser prevents itself from getting clogged by fluff and lint particles that get into the system during a drying cycle. The relevant area is automatically cleared of lint several times during every cycle by flushing it out with the water that was extracted from the wet fabrics. Thanks to the functional interaction of the time sensor and the waterlevel sensor, the intelligent software always knows the available amount of water and the right flushing times. In this way, the dryer stays enduringly energy-efficient, just as on day one. selfCleaning condenser – powered by iSensoric.

WT45W590CH (A++)
4 pieces
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Siemens WT45W590CH (A++)


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