The new Philips LatteGo automatic coffee maker has arrived
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The new Philips LatteGo automatic coffee maker has arrived

Murat Circi
Zurich, on 20.09.2020
Philips has launched a big version of the automatic coffee machine LatteGo. The elegant design is in line with the previous LatteGo machines. What’s more, the EP5441/50 offers avid coffee drinkers up to 12 coffee recipes at the push of a button and four user profiles.

You enjoy drinking cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and other coffee-based drinks and are looking for the right coffee maker? Then you should take a closer look at the latest automatic coffee maker of Philips’ 5400 series. This new coffee machine features the characteristic design of earlier LatteGo series. However, this one gives you the choice of 12 preset coffee recipes. Four user profiles let you personalise your hot beverages according to your taste.

All advantages at a glance

12 coffee-based beverages: strong espresso or silky-smooth cappuccino? Your favourite drink is ready at the push of a button.

Intuitive display: user-friendly and simple – your favourite coffee is just a few steps away.

Coffee customiser: create the coffee you want. Select the intensity as well as the quantity of coffee and milk you like.

Extra shot function: do you like your coffee strong? Use this function of the coffee customiser for a coffee with a kick without any bitterness.

LatteGo milk system: milk and air are mixed at high speed in the frothing compartment. The result is silky smooth milk froth at the right temperature.

User profiles: create up to four profiles and save your setting so you get the same coffee every morning.

Ceramic disc grinder: the tough and precise 100% ceramic disc grinder ensures aromatic coffee pleasure for at least 20,000 cups. In addition, the grinder can be adjusted in 12 steps, so you can grind your beans from very fine to coarse.

Perfect balance between temperature and taste: the water temperature is kept between 90°C and 98°C. At the same time, the water flow rate is regulated so that you can enjoy delicious coffee.

Easy cleaning: the LatteGo drip tray and coffee grounds container are dishwasher-safe and allow convenient and hygienic cleaning in the dishwasher.

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Murat Circi
Murat Circi
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