The modern garden
The modern garden
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The modern garden

David Widmer
Zurich, on 18.04.2021
Translation: Octavia Hurst
The burst of colours may remain in the flowerbeds, trendy garden furniture is simply black and white. To complete the style, add highlights with light wood lounges or tables and subtle accessories.

Continue reading to find out which modern garden furniture and accessories will complement your outdoors. Black or white? Stainless steel or wood? Whatever you choose, with this furniture your garden will turn into a contemporary oasis.

The little black dress for gardens

Clean lines, stainless steel and dark colours characterise the look. Similar to the little black dress, you can’t go wrong with this furnishing.

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The multifunctional garden lounge Valencia offers reclining and seating comfort in one. Add a matching dark parasol and black garden side furniture.

Genesis II S-310 GBS (11.40kW, Freestanding BBQ)
Weber Genesis II S-310 GBS (11.40kW, Freestanding BBQ)
Plant box Two-Tier
ferm LIVING Plant box Two-Tier

All white for happy hour

Accents in white and light grey combined with wooden elements provide a breath of fresh air on your terrace. The garden lounge Trend promises a lot of coziness with its generous seating area.

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Dinner is served

Why not make dinner a modern affair? Here you’ll find the trendy style, combined with light wooden surfaces.

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Cadiz with garden chairs (220cm)
1323.–instead of 1543.–1
Giardimo Cadiz with garden chairs (220cm)
Luxury (24Piece)
Sola Luxury (24Piece)
Ripple (0.50l, 2x)
ferm LIVING Ripple (0.50l, 2x)
Ameline (20x, 33 x 33 cm)
Micasa Ameline (20x, 33 x 33 cm)

Find more garden furniture in the same style here.

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David Widmer
David Widmer
Senior Category Business Manager, Zurich
I am always on the lookout for new trends, true to the motto: "Here you can decorate what you are interested in tomorrow". Since I have to slow down a bit in my job and always try to find a commercial implementation, I live it up in my own home. Because my enthusiasm for interior design remains after work. So curiosities, collected things from faraway countries and homemade things go hand in hand. There is no clear style in my home and it is deliberately not put into focus. An interior should always be personal and authentic like the person himself.

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