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The merchant programme – we’ve got the platform, you’ve got the products – seize new opportunities for your business

created on 15.08.2016

Become a part of Switzerland’s largest online warehouse – benefit from a strong sales channel, an excellent reputation, a large number of daily visitors and a vast and active customer base!

Our attractive online shop is a chance to tap into a new sales channel. With the merchant programme via the Galaxus online shop, you can sell your products under your own name and branding, but to our customers. Within the scope of the merchant programme, the sales agreement is concluded directly between merchants and end customers, while Galaxus only acts as facilitator and manages the product data, orders and the entire payment process. Order details are forwarded to you; you ship the product directly to the end customer and earn money. It’s as easy as that.

The power of Digitec Galaxus AG

Partnering with Digitec Galaxus AG means joining forces with the most relevant and strongest player in the Swiss e-commerce market with 15 years of experience; in short, the No. 1 online shop in Switzerland. The online shops and together have monthly traffic of up to 7 million visits, amounting to 72 million visits per year. Digitec Galaxus AG is proud to count an enthusiastic user base of about 1 million active customers – all customers who make at least one order per year in our online shops.

The strong promise of the brand Galaxus

The brand Galaxus is supported by very active marketing, making full use of print advertising, out-of-home media, TV spots, social media and several other online communication channels. We invest in strengthening the brand while positioning ourselves in the high-quality e-commerce segment, supported by our strong advertising message. This is how we meet the high expectations of our customers:

We offer...

  • an extensive range of products (“Almost everything for almost everyone.”)
  • high availability of our products
  • fast delivery times to customers
  • attractive prices
  • well-maintained product data with appealing images and helpful descriptive texts
  • excellent and intuitive navigation through all product types and categories
  • efficient product and property filters and a refined search function

What you need to know about our merchant programme

We don’t open our online shop to anyone, but only to selected merchants whose philosophy, image and quality standards match those of Digitec and Galaxus. We offer much more than the usual marketplace features: our shop isn’t messy; we enter and maintain your products in a neat, tidy and user-friendly way. In addition, our professional product management team ensures the presentation of your products is adequate and of high quality. Although we don’t actively take part in designing your product range, we always offer you a personal contact person who gives you feedback on potential weaknesses and areas of improvement. This gives you the chance to benefit from our professional infrastructure and 15 years’ experience in e-commerce, as well as our full power and importance in the Swiss online business. As a result, your products become more relevant. With one move, you gain our customers’ trust and extend your reach to every corner of Switzerland. There is no faster and more efficient way to tap into such an established, extensive and loyal client base than with Digitec Galaxus AG’s merchant programme.

Additional benefits for you as a merchant

We present you with your own name and brand. However, being fully integrated into our online shop, you sell directly to our customers and thus also make use of the range of services Digitec Galaxus AG has to offer. For instance, it is possible for our marketing or product management team to include your products in marketing activities, campaigns and newsletters – even if we don’t sell the product ourselves, but via you as a merchant. Further, the range of easy and secure payment methods our customers are used to from Digitec Galaxus AG are also offered within the merchant programme (see our payment methods). In addition, we offer the Digitec Galaxus AG customer service as initial contact to every customer, taking over a large amount of daily operative work. We only forward requests to you as merchant if we’re not able to give a solid and technically accurate answer. To round off our services, we also make our easy and comfortable return process (see returns and warranty) available to customers who have made orders via the merchant programme. This allows dissatisfied clients to return goods without much effort and hassle directly to you as merchant – all in accordance with in accordance with our posting conditions.

Fees related to our merchant programme

There are no base fees or initial costs involved in joining our merchant programme, only variable fees as so-called sales commission on sold products are charged. Therefore, charges are only incurred if you sell products. The sales commission is a fee on a percentage basis that differs from one product category to another. The following table gives you an overview:

Technical integration

The merchant programme offered by Digitec Galaxus AG is only addressed to professional (online) retailers with a solid and well-established IT infrastructure (online shop or Enterprise Resource Planning system). Setting up a technical integration through an interface is a basic requirement for a successful cooperation. Manual data collection is not an option. There are different levels of automation when setting up an integration interface. It’s possible to update product, order and return data in a fully automated way. The integration options described below apply to merchants from Switzerland who are interested in taking part in Digitec Galaxus AG’s merchant programme and who act with or without the Crossborder solution (EU-Hub) we offer. More details about technical integration options

Taking part in our merchant programme

If you’d like to participate in the merchant programme, please fill in the application form below and send it as a PDF file to If you have any questions, we’re also available on


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Es klingt ok.

Aber wie wäre es mit einem Partnerprogramm für Affilate Marketing?

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Wenn ich bei Galaxus Bestelle, weis ich das morgen das Paket kommt.
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