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The digitec connect competition is over

Maya Homberger
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In keeping with Valentine's Day, we've come up with a digitec connect competition. Can you rhyme like a great poet? Then you have a good chance of winning the grand prize.

Update as of 15.02.2022, 10.00 hrs:

The competition has ended. Thank you for all the rhymes and poems, we are overwhelmed by your participation! We read, laughed and marvelled, but you must not have been in such a good mood. We didn't expect so many downvotes, so we're awarding consolation prizes, because we are the righteous ones.

  • New to our range

    digitec connect competition - there are consolation prizes for everyone

To all poets and jokers among you: Now you can prove yourself. Come up with a few lines of lyrical art and convince the community. But it shouldn't be just any rhyme, we want a love rhyme with reference to our digitec connect cell phone subscription. The rhyme or short poem with the most likes wins the contest.

What can I win?

The winner will receive a lifetime free digitec connect mobile subscription with unlimited data in Switzerland. What the subscription includes, you can see here:

  • Unlimited data in Switzerland included
  • 1 GB roaming in the EU/USA per month included
  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS to all Swiss networks (excl. value added services)
  • No activation fees or costs for SIM cards
  • First MultiSIM option free of charge in the first year
  • 5G option can be added for 8.- per month
  • Use the Family + Friends Option
  • On the Sunrise network

How does the contest work?

Write your rhyme in the comments below. The contest will run until 2/15/2022 at 10:00 am. The rhyme with the most likes at that time, wins the contest. We will notify the winner by email the same day. So go ahead, the prize is hot!

The rhymes from the digitec connect team

Project manager Thomas, Alessio our customer service boss, Lionel our customer service employee from western Switzerland and I, the voucher queen from the digitec connect team, have also come up with love rhymes. But of course they are out of competition. I'm sure you can do better anyway.

«Im Dual SIM Handy ist es geschehen. Meine digitec eSIM und eine SIM-Karte aus Spanien haben sich ineinander versehen. Die Liebe zwischen den SIM's hat gesiegt. Bis das Handy den Geist aufgibt.»
Der Liebesreim von Thomas
«Geliebtes Handy du bist so toll, leider bin ich bei Swisscom und hab die Nase voll. Da geh ich lieber zu digitec, da sind sie besonders nett.»
Der Liebesreim von Maya
«Siamo a febbraio, sento un gelido vento, ma mi scalda il cuore un abbonamento. digitec connect per il mio telefonino, meglio di ogni regalo di San Valentino.»
Der Liebesreim von Alessio
«digitec connect, la concurrence est infect, près de toi je me vois, à longue distance je pense a toi. Avec cette qualité j'entends parfaitement ta voix en illimité pour pas cher tu seras.»
Der Liebesreim von Lionel

You can vote. Whoever gets the most votes will be invited to dinner by the others. It's up to you who gets paid for good rhyming.

digitec connect love rhymes

Who wrote the best rhyme?

  • Thomas
  • Maya
  • Alessio
  • Lionel

The competition has ended.

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