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Technical integration options

created on 17.01.2019

Partial automation (automated transfer of product data only)

Within the scope of partial automation, merchants export their current product data (sales range) as a CSV file from their online shop or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to Digitec Galaxus’ FTP server. This happens at least once per day and is how the specific sales range, prices and stock levels displayed in our online shop are kept up to date. Merchants can view and edit orders manually in Digitec Galaxus’ so-called merchant portal. Order responses (as, for instance, “in stock”, “delayed” and others) and delivery notifications are stated manually via the merchant portal.

Complete automation (automated transfer of product and order data)

Complete automation allows merchants to connect their online shop or ERP system directly to Digitec Galaxus, requiring no manual work to update data. In addition to the daily export of product data (as with partial automation), orders made in Digitec Galaxus’ online shop can automatically be imported into and processed in the merchant’s system. Order status details (such as completion of orders) are entered in the merchant’s system and sent to us via an XML file.

Digitec Galaxus works closely with the following systems, feed engines and middlewares:

Feed engines

Plug-ins for webshops


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