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Synology's new RT6600ax router with Wi-Fi 6 available now

Markus Bestvater
Zurich, on 30.06.2022

Synology's new top model is packed with power and features. The high-performance router is now available for order.

The RT6600ax comes with these specifications:

  • Wi-Fi 6-capable
  • Tri-band WLAN
  • 1.8 GHz quad-core processor
  • Supports the new 5.9 GHz frequency band
  • Easy to integrate thanks to VLAN tagging


Synology lets its first Wi-Fi 6-enabled router off the leash to meet demanding users and deployments. The quad-core 1.8 GHz processor acts as a powerful core to achieve high network speeds and provide simultaneous connectivity for up to 200 devices. The RT6600ax offers tri-band WLAN, which ensures that devices can easily share up to three different radio bands. In addition, communication is possible on the new 5.9 GHz frequency, which enables up to 4.8 Gbps data throughput. So you get the most out of your line in terms of performance and range.

Synology Router Manager

The Synology Router Manager (SRM) operating system is used to create networks, segment them, or add the RT6600ax to existing mesh networks. Here, Synology puts high emphasis on usability and security features. In addition to control over Internet usage and adjustable quotas, Synology also brings parental control features, powerful web filters, and threat detection. Even on the go, you retain full control over the router via Synology DDNS, QuickConnect, or static IP/FQDN.

Click here for more routers from Synology.

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