«Smart Wallets»: our practical wallets at a glance
«Smart Wallets»: our practical wallets at a glance
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«Smart Wallets»: our practical wallets at a glance

Nicole Rüegsegger
Main warehouse Wohlen, on 21.05.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
You’re certainly passionate for compact wallets. That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for new brands. To ease the burden of choice for you, I’ll compare and contrast some of the differences our new additions have. Still looking for more choices? Then leave us a comment.

Exentri Wallet

This wallet has an opening on both outsides. Push out your card with only the strength of your thumb, no fancy mechanics required. Inside the wallet you’ll find another 3 card slots and a large note pocket where your notes can be stored even without having to be folded.
The side clamp is flexible and adjusts to the thickness of your wallet.

Secrid Slimwallet

Secrid is probably the best known producer of Smart Wallets in this country. The «Miniwallet» and «Twinwallet» have been in our catalogue for a long time and we’re constantly expanding their colour palette here.

You will now also find the «Slimwallet» here, with an even thinner silhouette. All these Secrid models have the Cardprotector in common: a metal case with a sliding mechanism that lets your cards jump out.

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Secrid Slimwallet

Tru Virtu Click&Slide

As with Secrid, the «Click&Slide» collection from Tru Virtu has a Cardprotector. The mechanism for removing the cards is of a higher quality and simpler to use than Secrid’s alternative. The Tru Virtu case is manufactured in a workshop for disabled workers in Germany. The leather comes from Italy.

Tru Virtu FAN

The «Fan» model is made of aluminium. A special manufacturing process gives the card case a matt surface and a satin finish. Its 20mm of size still make it very compact.


Their magical Versaflex system is incredibly sophisticated. I already introduced you to Garzini wallets a few weeks ago. This Smart Wallet is available in two variants, with or without a coin purse. All models have RFID protection.


KANCHA wallets are stylish and small. Without a lot of frills, they’re still very clever. They’re made in Kyrgyzstan with tonnes of passion and skilful craftsmanship. Read more here

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Nicole Rüegsegger
Nicole Rüegsegger
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