Sell it, don’t toss it out
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Sell it, don’t toss it out

Matthias Bertschi
Zurich, on 12.06.2019
Expensive hardware doesn’t have to be chucked out once you’re done using it. Find out how to not only protect the environment by buying back or trading in old tablets, mobile phones or notebooks, but also how to make new purchases more cost-effective.

What happens to end-of-life hardware presents challenges for many companies. How do you properly dispose of or recycle the equipment? How do you ensure all company data on the hardware is properly deleted and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands? And today’s devices often have a considerable residual value, meaning the products are still worth something at the end of their service life. So how can you benefit from their remaining value? Here’s all you need to know.

The solution: trading in

The trade-in programme for your retired hardware offers many advantages. First, the residual value of the equipment can be deducted from a new purchase. Just like that, investing in new hardware is cheaper. The old devices’ residual value brings down the effective amount that needs to be written off. In addition, trading in your old devices is sustainable and eco-friendly. The hardware is not simply thrown out. Rather, it’s refurbished and passed on for further use.

Some examples

DeviceSpecsBuyback value
Apple iPad ProWi-Fi, 256 GB246.–
Apple iMac (mid 2017)27", i7, 2 TB714.–
Apple Macbook Pro (mid 2017)15", i7, 512 GB948.–

How it works

You can request a quote for a trade-in at any time. One option is to do so for an upcoming new purchase and deduct the buyback value of the old devices directly from the purchase. You can also get a quote for just a buyback, without purchasing any new devices. The physical condition of the devices you’d like to sell will be assessed, along with the software. The devices’ physical condition has a significant impact on buyback value. If you’d like to get a buyback quote, simply send us photos of your devices along with their serial numbers. After we’ve collected your devices, you’ll get a certificate confirming that all data has been professionally erased.

Sell your old hardware

Currently, we offer quotes to buyback mobile phones and tablets from all major manufacturers. We also offer quotes for Apple and Microsoft laptops and PCs.

If you’d like a quote, simply contact our Help Centre. We’re happy to help.

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Matthias Bertschi
Matthias Bertschi

Leader Business Customers, Zurich

At Digitec Galaxus, I am responsible for building and developing relationships with our business customers. I am interested in the needs behind the procurement of IT hardware and the solutions we can use to provide our customers with the best possible performance. That's what drives me. Day after day.

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