Samsung hardware now available with our attractive leasing model for business customers
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Samsung hardware now available with our attractive leasing model for business customers

Andrea Jacob
Zurich, on 29.03.2021
Always want the latest Samsung hardware without having to tie up capital? With our leasing offer, you can do just that. The Galaxy S21 Enterprise Edition allows you to combine your financing model with secure and up-to-date hardware and software.

Dealing with questions regarding device management, data security, leasing and new hardware? Tackle the challenge with the Samsung smartphones labelled «Enterprise Edition» that are designed for this purpose. Keep reading to learn more about a solution with Samsung Knox and our rental rates or get in touch with our B2B team directly.

The new Galaxy S21 leasing

We can now offer you leasing options for Samsung hardware for your business. The equipment’s residual value at the end of the term is deducted in advance. This means, you only pay for the actual usage, which has a positive impact on the monthly rate. We offer 12-, 24-, 36- and 48-month lease terms. To benefit, you need to meet the following requirements: Your business must be entered in the Swiss Commercial Register for at least two years and there’s a minimum lease value of CHF 1,000 excluding VAT.

12-month lease24-month lease36-month lease48-month lease
Galaxy S21 Enterprise EditionCHF 57.99/monthCHF 32.01/monthCHF23.63/monthCHF 19.17/month
Galaxy S21 Ultra Enterprise EditionCHF 83.98/monthCHF 46.36/monthCHF 34.22/monthCHF 27.76/month
Galaxy S21 Enterprise Edition (128GB, Phantom Gray, 6.20", Dual SIM, 12Mpx, 5G)
893.–With Samsung KNOX for companies
Samsung Galaxy S21 Enterprise Edition (128GB, Phantom Gray, 6.20", Dual SIM, 12Mpx, 5G)
Galaxy S21 Ultra Enterprise Edition (128GB, Phantom Black, 6.80", Dual SIM, 108Mpx, 5G)
1265.–With Samsung KNOX for companies
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Enterprise Edition (128GB, Phantom Black, 6.80", Dual SIM, 108Mpx, 5G)

Galaxy S21 Ultra Enterprise Edition

The S21 Ultra with 5G connectivity is the high-end model of the S21 series. It’s also the largest, sporting a 6.8-inch edge display. The Ultra’s 108-MP camera is definitely a highlight if you want to snap high-quality pictures. According to Samsung, the improved camera offers 200% less image noise, especially in low-light conditions. The dual optical lenses and improved image stabiliser make 100× zoom shooting possible. The latest Exynos with 8 cores and 5 nm architecture delivers more than 200% the AI performance compared to the predecessor, the Galaxy S20.

Galaxy S21 Enterprise Edition

Do you prefer a compact smartphone without compromising on specs? Then the Galaxy S21 5G is the right choice. With its 6.2-inch flat display, it fits nicely into your hand and pants pocket. Apart from size, this year's smallest model differs from the S21+ 5G only in battery size. Its capacity is 4,000 mAh. The processor and camera are identical in both the S21 and S21+.

Matching accessories to go with your new Galaxy S21

Find all original Samsung phone cases for the new devices here. There’s also a quantity discount on various articles.

Why should I go for the «Enterprise Edition» and what’s «Knox»?

Employees use their private devices and data for business use. Data bounces around between mobile devices, from the laptop to the smartphone and back. This makes security solutions which safeguard the protection of data more important than ever. Samsung Know is integrated into both the software and hardware and serves as protection against malware, data theft, espionage and cyberattacks. These new devices offer your business the latest in smartphone technology as well as the protection it needs. Looking for advice on this topic? Reach out to our B2B team.

“ Your personal data can be completely isolated in a secure place on device. ”
Samsung KNOX

Multi-layered security with Samsung Knox

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  1. Security improvements for Android
  2. Runtime protection and encryption
  3. Trustzone architecture
  4. Secure/Trusted boot and Hardware Root Of Trust

Knox protects apps and data by defining exactly what each process is allowed to do and what data it can access. In this way, Knox can separate, encrypt and protect company data in a managed container.

With periodic kernel metering and real-time kernel protection, the operating system's core software is continuously checked. These checks ensure that requests to bypass device security are blocked and sensitive data is protected.

Knox uses a processor architecture called TrustZone, which isolates highly sensitive computations from the rest of the device's operation to protect company data.

To prevent security measures from being bypassed or compromised, Knox uses boot protection mechanisms supported by Hardware Root of Trust to verify the integrity of the device during the boot process.

Samsung Knox
New to our rangeB2B

Samsung Knox

Device configuration and remote maintenance when working from home

Cloud-based device settings are just as convenient and growing ever more in demand. They support remote management and greatly enhance device security. Whether you want to apply the solution to tens or thousands of devices, it can be scaled reliably to suit the needs of your company. KNOX Manage is an IT solution to manage mobile devices without a client installation and further expenditures. Updates, device restrictions to work apps, with support for any Android, iOS or Windows 10 device.

How can I lease these products?

Business customers can benefit from this offer if they’ve been in the commercial register for at least two years. If you meet these requirements, please get in touch with us via e-mail.

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