Relax and fall asleep with the Gravity blanket
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Relax and fall asleep with the Gravity blanket

Kim Mayenzet
Zurich, on 09.03.2020
Translation: Eva Francis
This 2-in-1 therapeutic blanket comes in three individual weights and helps us relax and fall asleep faster. The premium micro-plush duvet cover is particularly soft and comfortable. The inner weighted piece contains fine-grade glass beads, making the Gravity blanket weigh 7-12% of our body weight. The Gravity blanket promised to increase serotonin and melatonin levels, decrease cortisol (the so-called stress hormone), and put you in a deeper sleep.

Here’s how to choose your blanket weight based on 7-12% of your own weight: You weigh 76 kg, 10% of which is 7.6 kg. You can choose between three weights of 6.8 kg, 9 kg and 11.3 kg. If you are in between weights, the manufacturer recommend selecting the higher of the two weights. In this case, you choose the 9 kg blanket.

Blanket 182 x 121 cm
Gravity Blanket 182 x 121 cm

Fine-grade glass beads are evenly distributed inside this blanket, giving it the necessary weight. The cover is washable, while the inner blanket should be hand washed.

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Kim Mayenzet
Kim Mayenzet
Category Marketing Manager, Zurich
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