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On September 30, 2022, the old familiar payment slip will definitely be replaced. Swiss companies are now switching to the QR invoice. You can find the invoice forms for printing your QR invoices and the appropriate QR scanners here.

What is new?

The new QR invoice forms contain a perforation at the bottom of the sheet, which is required by the Swiss Post. At the perforation, you can simply detach the payment part, as you are used to doing with the previous payment slip. This part contains all relevant payment information in readable form as well as the new digital QR code. This means you can use the form for both analog and digital payment transactions. The electronically readable Swiss QR bills can be recognized by the Swiss cross in the middle of the code:

Muster einer QR-Rechnung
Muster einer QR-Rechnung
If you want more information, you can find many more details about the QR code and the new QR bill on [Wikipedia.](

Where can I get the new QR invoice forms?

You can find the appropriate forms with QR part here.

Dataform Invoice Forms Premium for QR Invoice (500 x)

Dataform Invoice Forms Premium for QR Invoice

500 x


How can I quickly scan the QR invoices?

For scanning many invoices, the QR code can be scanned with the PayEye with a click. We also offer it in a bundle together with the docking station. The Giromat is ideal for a large number of invoices.

On this page you will find more information about the PayEye:
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    PayEye – a new way to pay

Which envelopes can I use for shipping?

Of course you can also find the right envelopes to send your invoices to your customers.

Elco Envelope Office, left window (C5, 100 x)
Quantity discount
12.10per piece for 2 units

Elco Envelope Office, left window

C5, 100 x

Mettler Office Envelope (C5, 500 x)

Mettler Office Envelope

C5, 500 x


Everything your office heart desires

And if you need any other office supplies, you're sure to find them here, too. Click here for the corresponding article:

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Customized offers for your company

You need a larger quantity and want a quote? Then you can find all the necessary information here. Enquiries about product advice, project support and other requests can be made via our Helpcenter.

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