Popular wooden garden furniture back in stock
Popular wooden garden furniture back in stock
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Popular wooden garden furniture back in stock

David Widmer
Zurich, on 21.05.2022

Wooden garden furniture is one of the classics among outdoor furniture. I have put together for you a selection of popular garden lounges, garden tables and garden chairs from Giardimo.

With the right care, garden furniture is very robust, durable and hard-wearing. With an annual care oiling and the right winter storage you keep the joy of the wooden furniture also for the next garden season. Below you will find a selection of wooden garden furniture.

The garden lounge

Trend (Lounge)
7 of 15 remaining
990.–was 1549.–
Giardimo Trend (Lounge)
Takangu (Lounge)
9 of 20 remaining
990.–was 1690.–
Giardimo Takangu (Lounge)
trend (Lounge)
3 of 10 remaining
750.–was 1249.–
Giardimo trend (Lounge)
Lissabon (Lounge)
15 of 15 remaining
890.–was 1446.–1
Giardimo Lissabon (Lounge)

The dining area

For sun worshippers

San Remo (206 cm)
Giardimo San Remo (206 cm)
Pasha (209 cm)
13 of 25 remaining
249.–was 489.–
Giardimo Pasha (209 cm)
Davao (195 cm)
22 of 60 remaining
169.–was 279.–
Giardimo Davao (195 cm)
Denver (197 cm)
4 of 4 remaining
Giardimo Denver (197 cm)
New Orleans (184 cm)
Giardimo New Orleans (184 cm)
Davao (195 cm)
Giardimo Davao (195 cm)

Click here for all garden furniture.

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David Widmer
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I’m always looking out for new trends, true to the motto: «Decorate in a style today everyone will want tomorrow». As I have to take it down a notch at work, I express myself in my own home. It’s where you’ll find curiosities, collectables from faraway places and handmade things side by side. Interior design should always be personal and authentic – just like you are. 

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