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PocketBook Touch HD 3 limited edition with cover and gift box

Maya Homberger
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The limited edition of PocketBook’s eReader comes in a gift box and with a matching cover. In addition, PocketBook gives you a one-year extended warranty.

With a wide range of functions and good price-performance ratio, the PocketBook Touch HD 3 does all that’s expected from an eReader. This model was launched last year and has proven so successful with customers that PocketBook has decided to release a limited edition. Great timing – a gift box with an eReader and cover makes for a lovely Christmas present.

PocketBook Touch HD 3 Limited Edition (6", 16 GB)

PocketBook Touch HD 3 Limited Edition

6", 16 GB

6", 16 GB


What does the eReader have to offer?

  • E-Ink Carta touch screen with HD resolution
  • SMARTlight technology for brightness regulation
  • HZO water protection, up to 30 minutes in fresh water
  • Dual-core processor (2x1 GHz) for fast response times
  • Audio functions with Micro-USB audio adapter or Bluetooth
  • Text-to-speech function, playback of audiobooks
  • 16 GB memory
  • 155g light

Let’s take a closer look at the key specs. SMARTlight technology allows you to regulate both brightness and colour temperature. You can create individual profiles and switch between them while reading without having to leave the book.

The audio function give you the possibility to play audio books and listen with your headphones while the additional M4B format lets you set markers within your audiobook. The integrated text-to-speech function means your eReader can also read audiobook out loud.

Since the eReader can be connected to the WLAN, services such as PocketBook Cloud or Dropbox are available and you don’t need to connect the eReader to your computer to download books.

Other eReader models by PocketBook

Fancy an eReader with a colour screen? PocketBook has launched a model this year that also allows you to read comics, magazines and other colourful content.

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