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PocketBook InkPad Color – here comes the big eReader with colour screen

Maya Homberger
Translation: Eva Francis

After PocketBook launched their eReader with 6'' colour screen last year, many customers have been asking for a larger model that features a colour screen. Now it's here: the PocketBook InkPad Color with 7.8'' screen.

Last year's release of the PocketBook Color 6’’ was a highlight. It had been a long time since the launch of a decent eReader with a colour screen.

You're wondering why an eReader would need a colour screen? After all, books aren’t written in colourful letters. That’s true, of course. But have you considered comics, cookbooks, magazines, or trade journals with graphics? Reading these in colour is surely much more fun than in black and white.

PocketBook InkPad Color (7.80", 16 GB)

PocketBook InkPad Color

7.80", 16 GB

7.80", 16 GB


With the new InkPad Color, reading is even more fun. PocketBook has realised that colourful content is a lot nicer to look at on a larger screen. Let me introduce you to PocketBook's new model.

The key specifications at a glance

  • Screen type: 7.8-inch, E Ink new Kaleido colour screen
  • Color depth: 16 grayscale / 4096 colour
  • Point density: 300 dpi grayscale / 100 dpi colour
  • Pixel resolution: 1404 × 1872 pixel grayscale / 468 × 624 colour
  • Display functions: frontlight, touchscreen, position sensor, sleep cover function
  • Memory capacity: 16 GB
  • eReader functions: read aloud function, music & audiobook player, text-to-speech, library, dictionaries, calculator, notes, RSS news, Klondike, chess, scribble, sudoku, Onleihe

Covers to go with your new eReader

PocketBook Shell Cover (InkPad Color, InkPad 3 Pro, InkPad 3)
eReader accessories
20.60was 22.90

PocketBook Shell Cover

InkPad Color, InkPad 3 Pro, InkPad 3


If you’re looking for an eReader without a colour screen, check out these models by PocketBook.

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