Play Resident Evil 4 VR now, exclusively on Oculus Quest 2
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Play Resident Evil 4 VR now, exclusively on Oculus Quest 2

Tosca Testorelli
Zurich, on 03.11.2021
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook

Raise the curtain on this action-adventure game with a horror twist. As of a few days ago, the well-known classic Resident Evil 4 has finally been playable on Oculus Quest 2 – experience the horror extravaganza exclusively from a VR perspective.

In spring, during the «Oculus Gaming Showcase 2021», we were presented with some updates and novelties from the VR manufacturer. The biggest highlight: popular horror classic Resident Evil 4 would become playable and liveable in virtual reality!

And following a half-year long wait, it’s finally here. Now, as special agent Leon, you can explore the world of Resident Evil 4 from a first-person perspective, newly developed for VR. Get the game here.

Resident Evil 4 on the Oculus Quest 2

As Agent Leon S. Kennedy, you’ll have to rescue the US President’s daughter, who’s been kidnapped by a mysterious cult. You’ll fight your way through a remote village, face creepy and mysterious enemies, compete in bloodthirsty battles and experience horror firsthand.


You’ll be fighting for survival, requiring a fair few skills as well as a quick reactions when switching your weapons, loading them or not dropping them in the heat of the moment. While being attacked by infected, you’ll also have to prove yourself against brainwashed villagers to uncover their connection to Los Illuminados – the sect behind the kidnapping of the President’s daughter.


Why play Resident Evil 4 on the Quest 2? For that creepy VR feeling from a first-person perspective, of course! Many objects and in-game features were explicitly designed for Quest 2 such as levers, physically moving puzzle pieces, and more.

  • New VR interactions as Leon from a true first-person perspective.
  • You’ll be immersed in real VR environments with stunning, high-resolution graphics designed specifically for the medium.
  • Thanks to 3D spatial sound, you can hear footsteps, voices, croaks and creaks from everywhere.

Want a taste? An online gaming experience

Oculus offers various in-game scenes on their homepage as an online experience, that way you can already get a feel for the virtual horror in advance. Convinced?

Your setup

The game is quite demanding, requiring the Quest 2’s XR2 chip. It’s quite possible that you’ll reach the performance limit with your Quest. Need an upgrade?

Turn your standalone Quest 2 into a true gaming combo with the matching accessories. Enjoy man carefree hours with the All-in-One package including goggles + Elite strap with battery + a carrying bag.

With the Link cable, you can upgrade your Quest 2 to a more powerful VR system, like the Rift S – perfect for PC gaming. Your setup is made comfortable with matching straps and insert pads, neatly stowed in the matching case.

Horror: immersion, instead of just standing by – a guarantee.

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