Pearly whites: Bleaching your teeth in the comfort of your home
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Pearly whites: Bleaching your teeth in the comfort of your home

Livia Gisler
Zurich, on 07.03.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
You’d like whiter teeth, but don’t want to pay a fortune to visit your dentist? Our new product type «Bleaching» contains over 60 products, all so you can take on brightening your teeth with renewed vigor.


The closest thing to an actual procedure at the dentist’s in the ways of form and application are kits. They contain a mouthguard (for own use/adjustment), a bleaching gel and and LED light which activates the gel and speeds up the bleaching process. Depending on the product, bleachings in up to 14 different shades are possible.


The application of strips is very simple: after your usual dental routine, they’re applied to the rows of teeth you want to brighten. They stay attached naturally with saliva. These can be removed again after about 30 minutes. The longer the application time, the whiter the result. Promised results different from brand to brand and range from 1-2 through 8 changes in shade.

whitening strips (strips)
Alpine White whitening strips (strips)
Whitening strips (strips)
goBright Whitening strips (strips)


Pens and whitening pens are equally as simple in their application. Here, you use a type of pen to «paint on» a bleaching agent. This way, the area should brighten by several shades on its own in a relatively short time. Depending on the product, manufacturers promise an improvement of 8 shades.

Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen (2ml, Pen/Pen)
goBright Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen (2ml, Pen/Pen)
Smile Pen Professional Whitening (100ml, Pen/Pen)
SmilePen Smile Pen Professional Whitening (100ml, Pen/Pen)
Smile Pen Vitamin E Tips (12ml, Pen/Pen)
SmilePen Smile Pen Vitamin E Tips (12ml, Pen/Pen)


Bleaching powders get included in your usual dental routine. A tooth brush is simply dipped into the powder with which the teeth get normally cleaned for 2-3 minutes. According to manufacturers powders are used to remove moderate discolourations and plaque, creating a light brightening.

Powder (30ml, Powder)
Beneva Black Powder (30ml, Powder)
white edition (Powder)
19.92was 24.90
SmilePen white edition (Powder)
Charcoal Powder (30ml, Powder)
goBright Charcoal Powder (30ml, Powder)

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