PayEye – a new way to pay
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PayEye – a new way to pay

Catharina Carstens
Zurich, on 13.05.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
PayEye is the new Swiss QR Code Reader for paying your bills. As of 30/6/2020, the Swiss QR Code will be used as a distinguishing feature in transactions. To prepare for this, Crealogix recently came out with this product.

This product is the follow-up to PayPen. This new gadget doesn’t just scan the reference number on your orange payment slip, it can also read QR codes.

As a reminder: a QR code contains all relevant information for paying digitally. Similar to a barcode, information can be transferred quickly and easily. The distinguishing feature on a Swiss QR Code is the Swiss cross. In addition to the account, reference number and amount then, the code contains all relevant information, such as the order date.

Why would I need an extra QR Code reader, if I can instead use any random free QR reader app?

  • The main target group are users who work with financial software.
  • PayEye has preconfigured all important financial software and e-banking apps in its application already.
  • The scanning area is significantly larger compared to mobile apps.
  • Fast and error-free scanning: the QR code can be easily scanned by the press of a button, no more annoying slippage on the reference line of the payment slip.
  • Scanning of QR codes as well as payment slips possible.
Image: QR code scan.
Image: QR code scan.
Image: payment slip scan.
Image: payment slip scan.

] ## What else can PayEye do? * Connect to any financial software. * Connection via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB possible. * Payment procedures: Swiss QR Code as well as ISR. * Programmes: creditor software, e-banking or text editors. * Operating systems: Windows, macOS or Linux. * Crafty design (which is of course a matter of taste) from Switzerland, accessorises your desk nicely. * Equally suited to left- and right-handed users.

Currently not available yet:

  • LINUX.
  • IBAN recognition.

Would you like to learn more about PayEye? Click here for the video (in Swiizertüütsch):

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Catharina Carstens
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