Out now: catch any robbers in the act with Arlo Ultra!
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Out now: catch any robbers in the act with Arlo Ultra!

Fabian Künzli
Zurich, on 26.03.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
Arlo, who used to be part of Netgear, reworked its flagship product. The Arlo Pro 2 becomes the Arlo Ultra. As indicated in the name, other manufacturers will have to brace themselves. Arlo Ultra gives you the absolute highest quality when it comes to camera surveillance. Let me show you some important changes.

Full HD becomes 4K

For the first time ever, record in 4K-HDR with Arlo Ultra. Full HD used to be the highest you could go. HDR is also rich with options to change contrast and colour depth.

Improving viewing angles

A view range increased by 50°: See undiscovered sights with Arlo Ultra, things you would have missed with Arlo Pro 2. Arlo has increased the viewing angle from 130 to 180 degrees.

Object following and automatic zoom

Arlo Ultra automatically zooms in on moving objects. It follows them as well, of course. Never miss an important detail again. The zoomed picture will still have full HD quality.

A perfect view by day or night

New to Arlo Ultra is an integrated light, perfect for brightening the surveillance area. According to Arlo, night mode was also vastly improved. Grainy and fuzzy videos are passé thanks to several tweaks. Pictures will still be clear and colourful even in advanced darkness.

Double the microphones

Arlo Pro 2 had one microphone. Well, now Arlo Ultra has 2 to communicate with whoever is on the other end. Communication is moreover improved by a reduction in ambient noise.

Hey Google, show me the entrance!

Control Arlo Ultra directly using Voice Assistant. Summon an image onto your TV with a simple command. Arlo Ultra supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Free Arlo Smart Premier for 1 year

Receive a year-long free Arlo Premier Smart subscription when buying Arlo Ultra. Use this to store footage on the cloud for 30 days, automatically recognise certain people or animals or define zones of movement in the camera’s view. Find more information to subscription benefits here.

You can of course operate Arlo Ultra with exchangeable batteries or cables, attach it to walls using magnets and easily change its operating angle. All Arlo cameras are compatible with the Arlo doorbell.

Dual Charging Station for Arlo Ultra + Pro 3 (Powerline accessories)
Network accessories
Arlo Dual Charging Station for Arlo Ultra + Pro 3 (Powerline accessories)

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Fabian Künzli
Fabian Künzli
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