Our merchant programme – become a merchant!
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Our merchant programme – become a merchant!

created on 24.07.2019
Create new opportunities for your company and become a part of Switzerland’s largest online warehouse. Benefit from our many years of e-commerce experience, outstanding market position, high traffic and large, active customer base.

Our attractive merchant programme is a chance to tap into a new sales channel. This mer-chant programme allows you to sell your products under your own name and branding via the online shops www.digitec.ch and www.galaxus.ch. The two online shops together form Digitec Galaxus AG. Digitec is Switzerland's online market leader and a true specialist for all things IT, consumer electronics and telecommunication. Galaxus is the largest Swiss online shop with a steadily growing range of products for almost all daily needs.

The sales agreement is concluded directly between you as a merchant and the end customer. Incoming customer orders are forwarded to you – you send the ordered products directly to the customers. Digitec Galaxus AG acts as facilitator and manages the product data, or-ders and the entire payment process.

The power of Digitec Galaxus AG

Partnering with Digitec Galaxus AG means joining forces with the most relevant and strongest player in the Swiss e-commerce market with experience since 2001. The online shops www.digitec.ch and www.galaxus.ch together have monthly traffic of around 10 million visits. Digitec Galaxus AG is proud to count an enthusiastic user base of over 1 million active customers.

Our strong brand promise

We create a comprehensive platform for inspiration, information and communication. The brands digitec and Galaxus display specific marketing competencies, making full use of print advertising, out-of-home media, TV spots, social media and several other online communication channels. These wide-ranging communication channels allow us position ourselves in the high-quality segment. We meet the high expectations of our customers by offering:

  • an extensive range of products
  • high availability of our products
  • fast delivery times to customers
  • attractive prices
  • well-maintained product data with appealing images and helpful descriptive texts
  • excellent and intuitive navigation through all product types and categories
  • efficient product and property filters as well as a refined search function

On top of this, what makes us stand out is our unique, independent editorial team, which creates editorial content and contributes to the honest, transparent and unbiased image of Digitec Galaxus AG. Read more about us here.

Our customs clearance solution for merchants from the EU

The EU hub is our uncomplicated all-inclusive solution and gateway to the Swiss market. It’s a fully-integrated customs clearance solution that allows merchants from the EU to connect to the two Digitec Galaxus AG online shops. This smart cross-border solution can be used both by EU merchants registered in the Swiss VAT register (fiscal representation) and by EU merchants without fiscal representation.

Further advantages

Being presented with your own name and brand but fully integrated into our existing online shop means you gain our customers’ trust and extend your reach to every corner of Switzer-land. There is no faster and more efficient way to tap into such an established, extensive and loyal client base than with Digitec Galaxus AG’s merchant programme.

We offer more than classic marketplace features:


Although all merchants appear with their own name and brand, you have the chance to benefit from Digitec Galaxus AG marketing services. We make it pos-sible for our marketing or product management teams to include your products in any marketing activities, campaigns or newsletters – even if we don’t sell the product ourselves, but via you as a merchant.

Payment methods

Our range of easy and secure payment methods are also offered for any orders made within the merchant programme (see Payment options).

Customer Service

Customers who order products from merchants via our online shop may consult the Digitec Galaxus AG customer service as initial contact for questions about products, deliveries, invoices and payment modalities and so on.

Returns process

We also make our easy and comfortable return process (see returns and warranty) available to customers who have made orders via the merchant programme. This allows customers to return goods without much effort and hassle directly to you as a merchant – all in accordance with our posting conditions.

Professional product management

The Digitec Galaxus AG online shops are by no means a messy collection of goods. We enter and maintain all products in a neat, tidy and user-friendly way. In addition, our professional product management team ensures the presenta-tion of your products is adequate and of high quality. Although we don’t actively take part in designing your product range, we are happy to offer you a personal contact person who gives you feedback on potential weaknesses and areas of improvement.

Fees related to our merchant programme

There are no base fees or initial costs for merchants, only variable fees as so-called sales commission on sold products are charged. Therefore, charges are only incurred if you sell products. The sales commission is a fee on a percentage basis. The following table gives you an overview:

Technical integration

The selective merchant programme offered by Digitec Galaxus AG is only addressed to professional retailers with a solid and well-established IT infrastructure (online shop or Enter-prise Resource Planning system). Setting up a technical integration through an interface is a basic requirement for a successful cooperation, as manual data collection is not an option. There are different levels of automation when setting up an integration interface, whereas complete automation allows for fully automatic transfer of product, order and return data.

Partial automation (automated transfer of product data only)

Within the scope of partial automation, merchants export their current product data (sales range) as a CSV file from their online shop or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to Digitec Galaxus’ FTP server. This is how the specific sales range, prices and stock levels displayed in our online shop are kept up to date. Merchants can view and edit orders manually in Digitec Galaxus’ so-called merchant portal (CMI). Order responses as, for instance, «in stock», «delayed» and others as well as delivery notifications are entered manually via the merchant portal.

Complete automation (automated transfer of product and order data)

Complete automation allows you to connect their online shop or ERP system directly to Dig-itec Galaxus, requiring no manual work to update data. In addition to the daily export of product data (as with partial automation), orders made on the online shops digitec and Gal-axus are automatically imported into and processed in your system. The completion of or-ders or other order updates are entered in your system and sent to us via an XML file.

Digitec Galaxus AG works closely with the following systems, feed engines and middleware:

Feed Engines

Plugins for Webshops


The described integration methods apply to merchants from Switzerland who wish to participate in the Digitec Galaxus AG merchant programme and collaborate with Digitec Galaxus AG with or without the customs clearance solution (EU hub).

Find more details about technical integration options here.

Taking part and further details

We don’t open our online shop to anyone, but only to selected merchants whose philosophy, image and quality standards match those of digitec and Galaxus.

If you’d like to become a merchant, please fill in the application form and send it as a PDF file to anmelden@digitecgalaxus.ch. If you have any questions, we’re available on haendlerprogramm@digitecgalaxus.ch.

All details on our merchant programme are available here.

These documents are regularly updated. We recommend to download the latest version from this page instead of saving it locally.

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