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Now we also have dancing shoes

Chantal Stössel
Zurich, on 14.07.2022

Our selection of products is constantly expanding. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to the new products in the dance section. Recently you can find dance shoes for any dance style in our store.

But first: you wonder why you need dancing shoes? Quite simply, thanks to the special suede sole, you can turn better and save your knees. This is essential for all dance styles and for all dancers. Dance shoes are also much more comfortable than regular shoes and are ideal for a wedding or an evening in a cocktail dress.

This year all outdoor dance sneakers are experiencing a hype, because with these sneakers you can turn perfectly thanks to pivot pivots. The shoes can be worn indoor as well as outdoor, eliminating the hassle of changing shoes before dancing.

Dance Shoes 1533 Rumpf LA Dance Sneaker (43)
Rumpf Dance Shoes 1533 Rumpf LA Dance Sneaker (43)

The sneakers are comfortable without any doubt, but for the club, dance class or festival you probably want something more elegant. You can find over 250 models with heels from 3 cm to 11.5 cm.

Dance shoes PD803 BRONZE (38.5)
Portdance Dance shoes PD803 BRONZE (38.5)

High shoes are too cumbersome for you? We offer you different dance sneakers with suede or sneaker sole, which you can wear for standard dance, line dance, salsa or bachata.

Dance shoes PD01 FASHION (38.5)
Portdance Dance shoes PD01 FASHION (38.5)
Dance shoes PD07 FASHION (37)
Portdance Dance shoes PD07 FASHION (37)
Dance shoes PD03 FASHION (37)
Portdance Dance shoes PD03 FASHION (37)

To all dance shoes.

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