Now available: 3.5-inch NAS hard drives by Synology
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Now available: 3.5-inch NAS hard drives by Synology

Yannick Cejka
Zurich, on 25.03.2021
Translation: Eva Francis
Synology is entering the hard disk business and is presenting its first 3.5" hard disks in the enterprise range. They’re designed for continuous operation and optimised for your Synology system.

Synology's new series is designed and optimised to be used in a Synology system. With over 300,000 hours of internal validation testing and a five-year warranty, Synology guarantees unmatched reliability. Here are all products as well as a table with all important specifications.

HAT5300 (16TB, 3.5")
529.–was 566.70
Synology HAT5300 (16TB, 3.5")
Capacity8 TB12 TB16 TB
Buffer size256 MB256 MB512 MB
Form factor3.5"3.5"3.5"
InterfaceSATA-3 (6 Gb/s)SATA-3 (6 Gb/s)SATA-3 (6 Gb/s)
Sector size512e512e512e
Speed7200 rpm7200 rpm7200 rpm

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Yannick Cejka
Yannick Cejka
Junior Category Business Manager, Zurich
I've always loved building computers. In the past, as big as possible and covered in LEDs – today, small and quiet. SFF for the win.

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