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New flexible grill design from Outdoorchef

Carmen Hodel
Zurich, on 09.04.2022

With the new model series "Davos" from Outdoorchef you can assemble your grill according to your own needs: Thanks to the modular system, you only order the additional equipment you need.

The new Davos models are equipped with gas kettle grills and the funnel system. The funnel can be used both in the standard position for even heat distribution and in the volcano position for direct, intense heat. The scope of delivery also already includes an extension table. In addition, there are various extensions, which you can buy according to your preferences.

Basic equipment

The "Davos" is available in two different basic models:

Davos 570 G

This model has a burner and is characterized by a black textile cladding on the base.

Davos 570 G (8.50 kW, Kettle BBQ)
Outdoorchef Davos 570 G (8.50 kW, Kettle BBQ)

Davos 570 G Pro

This model has two burners integrated, which allows a wider range of temperatures and better regulation. For example, low cooking at 80 degrees Celsius is also possible. The base with integrated door is made of metal all around.

Davos 570 G Pro (8.50 kW, Kettle BBQ)
Outdoorchef Davos 570 G Pro (8.50 kW, Kettle BBQ)

Expansion options for individual equipment

For Blazing Zone fans

The ceramic burner can be heated up to 900 degrees Celsius, and the grate is adjustable to two levels. In addition, with a heat diffuser, delicate grilled food can be prepared at lower temperatures on the Blazing Zone.

Blazing Zone Kit Plus Davos Series
Outdoorchef Blazing Zone Kit Plus Davos Series

For wok lovers

The triple height-adjustable Cooking Zone extension allows side dishes to be cooked in the wok while the food is grilling in the grill ball.

Cooking Zone Kit Plus Davos Series
Outdoorchef Cooking Zone Kit Plus Davos Series

For space lovers

The additional extension table is suitable for people who like to have a lot of storage space when grilling.

For tidiness lovers

The gas bottle extension is for those who prefer a larger gas bottle (11 kg) and would like to conceal it a bit. The accessory holder can also be used to store all barbecue accessories.

Zubehörhalter Kit Davos Series
36.70was 45.90
Outdoorchef Zubehörhalter Kit Davos Series

For fans of Mediterranean cuisine

With a plancha, which fits on the Blazing-Zone or Cooking-Zone kit, Mediterranean dishes can be prepared particularly well.

The video shows you all the possibilities even better.

Click hereto see the entire Davos range.

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