New digitec iot data packs: 1 year validity, thanks to you!
New digitec iot data packs: 1 year validity, thanks to you!
New digitec iot data packs: 1 year validity, thanks to you!
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New digitec iot data packs: 1 year validity, thanks to you!

Maya Homberger
Zurich, on 24.06.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
You wanted data that didn't void again after a month? We hear you! At long last, we can finally show you our three new data packs.

Wondering what you'd need such a data pack for? Already have a subscription with unlimited data? Our data packs are intended for so-called smart devices. Intelligent devices connected to the Internet. In many cases, your smart device communicates with your smartphone, for which both devices need Internet access. The idea behind this is that you can track the activitiy or recordings of your smart device at any time with an app on your smartphone.

These are our new starter packs

300MB for 365 days

That's 25MB per month, sufficient for many GPS trackers, sensors, remote controls and other applications with low data consumption.

iot 300MB data package for 365 days
SIM card
digitec iot 300MB data package for 365 days

1.2 GB for 365 days

With 100MB per month, even slightly more data-intensive devices and sensors can be networked. For example, this is also useful with a redundant connection via an LTE router for your server.

WhatsApp, Insta & Co: If you can do without the SMS and phone app on your smartphones, this may be the cheapest subscription in Switzerland.

iot 1.2GB data package for 365 days
SIM card
digitec iot 1.2GB data package for 365 days

24 GB for 365 days

Whether you're on your tablet, laptop, commuting with a hotspot or in the car – staying connected with high-speed internet on the go is vital. Enable your security camera to send more pictures through the year.

iot 24GB data package for 365 days
SIM card
digitec iot 24GB data package for 365 days

Find all our existing offers here

60-day starter packs

iot 1GB data package
SIM card
12.90was 14.901
digitec iot 1GB data package
iot 2GB data package
SIM card
16.90was 19.901
digitec iot 2GB data package

30-day starter packs

iot 100MB data package
SIM card
5.90was 8.251
digitec iot 100MB data package
iot 500MB data package
SIM card
8.90was 9.901
digitec iot 500MB data package

digitec iot — How it works

  1. Visit and sign up your SIM card.
  2. Insert the SIM card into your device
  3. If the SIM card doesn't initially work, set your APN to
  4. Your SIM card is active and good to go

Tariffs for additional data packs – now even cheaper

30 days of dataCHF365 days of dataCHF
100 MB4.–300 MB24.–
300 MB6.–1.2 GB36.–
500 MB8.–24 GB168.–
1 GB10.–
2 GB16.–
3 GB24.–

Works while roaming

EU roaming data amount – 30 daysCHFEU roaming data amount – 365 daysCHF
100 MB6.–300 MB36.–
300 MB9.–
1 GB22.–

Roaming coverage: Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Great Britain, Guernsey, Ireland, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican, Cyprus

Here are only some ways to use digitec iot

Security cameras

Let's say you are an enthusiastic jockey with your own horse. You want to make sure your horse is fine, even when you're not around. Install a camera in the stables with a data SIM card and the corresponding app. With the app, you can always access the pictures and see how your favourite animal is doing. Of course, this also applies to any other animals you can't keep in your home.

GPS Tracker

The smallest personal GPS tracker. You can simply attach it to your keychain, your pet or your wallet with a clip on the back and know where your favourite things are at any time with a quick glance at your smartphone.

Robot lawn mower

The robot lawn mower is a great invention. Do you have a garden and want a well-kept lawn without sweating in the sun? If you provide the smart lawnmower with a data SIM card, you can be sitting in your office two hours before a garden party and have your robot mow for you. You can also track it at any time, in case someone sees the pretty thing in your garden and thinks «I'll just take it with me if no one's around».

Mobile Internet and Tablets

iPad (2018) (9.70", 128GB, 4G, Space Gray)
Apple iPad (2018) (9.70", 128GB, 4G, Space Gray)
Galaxy Tab S5e (10.50", 64GB, 4G, Black)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (10.50", 64GB, 4G, Black)
MediaPad M5 Pro (10.80", 64GB, 4G, Space Gray)
Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro (10.80", 64GB, 4G, Space Gray)

Routers for mobile Internet have been very popular for a long time. With anyone who has the opportunity to work from wherever and doesn't want to do without fast Internet. You could also use it in your free time, while spending a sunny afternoon in your garden watching a series on Netflix for example. Or while lounging in a deckchair at the pool? A piece of cake with a mobile hotspot including a data SIM card.

For any tablets with a SIM slot we'll even throw in a free SIM card with a 100MB data pack. If you need more data, you can easily buy additional data packs. I have compiled the tariffs for you in the lower table.

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