Briefs, nets or classic boxer shorts in bright colours?
Briefs, nets or classic boxer shorts in bright colours?
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Men’s underwear from conventional to crazy

Lina Friedrich
Zurich, on 11.02.2021

e>Men’s underwear from conventional to crazy</title> Last week you got to see lingerie for women. This week, it’s time to take a peek at what’s out there for the boys. Discover our selection of briefs that are guaranteed to bring some excitement to your undie drawer.

Classic black

Let’s start off with a total classic. But don’t be mistaken. Black may be classic, but it’s surprisingly versatile. Throw a little detail, different fabrics and cuts into the mix and the colour will look totally different. In other words: why not stick to the classic colour but experiment with the shape.


We briefly spoke about the colour psychology behind red here. But red has so much more to offer. In China, the colour symbolises luck and wealth. Wearing red underwear on Chinese New Year is therefore considered good luck. By the way, the festival starts on February 12 and ends on February 26, so you still have plenty of time to stock up on lucky underwear.



Red and black a bit boring for your taste? There’s a large range of underwear in all colours of the rainbow out there for you.

Zebra Spruce (M, Single pack)
Comfyballs Zebra Spruce (M, Single pack)
Low Rise (L, Single pack)
Calvin Klein Low Rise
L, Single pack


Last but not least, our range also includes one-piece bodysuits for men. From simple to elaborate with mesh inserts and zips, there’s a huge selection to choose from.

View our full range of underwear and lingerie for men. Discover a similar range for women right here.

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Lina Friedrich
Lina Friedrich

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