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Measure and track your body weight with fitbit!

Take advantage of our promotional pack including an Activity Tracker and scale.

Aria wi-fi smart scale measures weight, body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) so you get the numbers you need to take control of your fitness and get results that last. Your weight is registered daily so you can view your progress and stay motivated. It communicates with your fitbit Activity Tracker or sports watch, so you can set goals, track burnt calories and keep your motivation up. Stats are automatically and wirelessly sent to your computer or smartphone app.

Don't miss out on one of our low-priced promotional packs and start measuring and tracking your weight now!

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Theresa Schieder

Theresa Schieder

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Where great design meets great functionality – the new Peak Activity Tracker by Basis

I’m not a great cook, struggle with home decorating and am incapable of properly assembling IKEA furniture. So at Galaxus, I’m a marketing manager in charge of sports. And sports is also what I love doing best in my spare time: cycling, tennis, skiing, swimming or working out at the gym. I’m also passionate about football and a big Bayern Munich supporter.

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