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MasterPRO: Kitchen equipment for hobby chefs

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New in the range, you'll find a whole range of kitchen equipment from the MasterPRO brand. You'll find over 300 items from the brand at Galaxus.

MasterPRO has set itself the goal of bringing professional cuisine into the homes of all gourmets and foodies. They do this with innovative kitchen appliances and accessories in sleek designs.

Cook and fry

With the multifunctional MultiCooker Touch, you can conjure up wonderful dishes from just one kitchen appliance. The smokeless grill lets you grill, bake and cook without making a mess in the kitchen.

MasterPRO Casserole with Lid (Silicone, Stainless steel, 20 cm)

MasterPRO Casserole with Lid

Silicone, Stainless steel, 20 cm

MasterPRO Frying pan (Steel, Stainless steel)

MasterPRO Frying pan

Steel, Stainless steel

Cutting and sharpening

The kitchen knives are good value for money and are easy to sharpen with the electric sharpener.

Drink and enjoy

At the table, the brand serves you with beautiful glasses and cutlery. After the meal, you can store the wine: The preserver shows you the temperature and even the number of days the wine has been stored.

MasterPRO Cutlery set 16 pieces

MasterPRO Cutlery set 16 pieces

Do you like the brand? Here you can discover everything from MasterPRO. .

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My first port of call at Galaxus was the toy department. Although I still thoroughly enjoy a good parlour game, I'm now in charge of all things kitchen. This means I get to buy pretty plates and quality knives both for work and play.

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