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Major relaunch of the Alpine White Bleaching series

Alpine White promises visibly whiter teeth within three days with its whitening products. Now the manufacturer has said goodbye to the previous product design and relaunched the entire appearance.

The whitening effect is to be made possible by the gentle Hellmacher “PAP”, the effect of which has been clinically and dentally proven in a large-scale study. This should happen without pain or changes to the tooth structure. During application, the product adapts to your individual dentition and gives your teeth back their natural whiteness.


The following whitening products whiten teeth. According to the manufacturer, they can become up to 7 levels brighter.

Alpine White Whitening Sensitive (strips)

Alpine White Whitening Sensitive



Daily care

For daily care and maintenance of the whitening result, the following products are recommended. products are recommended.

Alpine White Whitening (50 ml, Foam)

Alpine White Whitening

50 ml, Foam


Here you can find the complete range of Alpine White.

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