Long live the Summerstage festival

Long live the Summerstage festival

David Kübler
Zurich, on 03.06.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
The summer of festivals is quickly approaching. Engage with our community and win tickets for the Basel Summerstage festival including headliners Andreas Bourani and Patent Ochsner.

5 years ago, I went to the still unknown festival in Basel.

I enjoyed Swiss acts such as Baba Shrimps, Nemo and Lovebugs. The green park environment as well as the well-known line-up surrounded by a peaceful and at the same time exuberant atmosphere delighted me. Here’s a recap...

The festival itself

The ninth Summerstage Festival takes place from 28 to 29 June and presents international and national musical acts, all located in Basel at the «Park im Grünen». On Friday, Shem Thomas and Lea will play alongside Andreas Bourani with their song «Leiser», which has developed into a German radio anthem. On Saturday, Johannes Oerding, Baschi, Anna Rossinelli and Lina Button storm the stage. The fireworks at the end will be delivered by the Bern cult band Patent Ochsner.

The prize draw...

We’re raffling 2x2 tickets for Friday, 28/06/2019 and 2x2 for Saturday, 29/06/2019. You can only win tickets for one night at a time.

Answer the question below if you want to see headliner Andreas Bourani on Friday:

Summerstage Friday

Which song gives you goose bumps? Why?

The competition has ended.

And if you want to experience Patent Ochsner as a Main Act on Saturday, answer this question:

Summerstage Saturday

Which song can't you stand? Why?

The competition has ended.

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