LG's new OLED TVs are here
LG's new OLED TVs are here
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LG's new OLED TVs are here

Pascal Kohler
Zurich, on 14.04.2021
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
While LG's first new OLED TVs have already been available to order for a few weeks, more and more devices are now revealing themselves. Find out below which series will fit you the best.

LG newcomers – X becomes 1

LG's 2021 OLED TVs can be recognised by the 1 in the name, which defines the affiliated series. They're meant to replace the 2020 X (Roman 10) models.

A1 series

Starting with the A-series, LG's experience and ability to produce high-quality OLED panels at relatively low cost became evident. Its strong black levels are unparalleled and will delight highbrow movie enthusiasts as well as series junkies. The A series is especially well suited to OLED newcomers.

OLED55A19LA (55", 4K, OLED, 2021)
1378.–was 1599.–
LG OLED55A19LA (55", 4K, OLED, 2021)
OLED65A19LA (65", 4K, OLED, 2021)
1847.–was 2499.–
LG OLED65A19LA (65", 4K, OLED, 2021)
OLED77A19LA (77", 4K, OLED, 2021)
LG OLED77A19LA (77", 4K, OLED, 2021)

B1 series

Anyone interested in the worlds of gaming or action-packed TV content should consider going one level higher. In its B-series, the South Korean TV manufacturer has designed a device that provides the technical basis for a successful gaming experience with the latest gaming consoles thanks to its HDMI 2.1 standards, Free- and G-Sync, and a 120 Hz refresh rate.

OLED55B19 (55", 4K, OLED, 2021)
LG OLED55B19 (55", 4K, OLED, 2021)
OLED65B19 (65", 4K, OLED, 2021)
2199.–was 2788.–
LG OLED65B19 (65", 4K, OLED, 2021)
OLED77B19 (77", 4K, OLED, 2021)
LG OLED77B19 (77", 4K, OLED, 2021)

C1 series

The C series could be seen as a souped-up B series. They share some similarities, with the main difference consisting of the processor installed. It's more powerful and allows even better image and sound calculation. Back in 2020, the C-series, then called CX, was the star among gamers. This popularity is now reflected in the sizes produced by the manufacturer. Contrary to the A, B and G series, the C series still features an 83-inch model. And to answer the obvious question in advance, the 83 models won't be available until June according to the manufacturer's statements. The situation surrounding the 48 A1 is still unclear.

OLED48C17LB (48", 4K, OLED, 2021)
1574.–was 1699.–
LG OLED48C17LB (48", 4K, OLED, 2021)
OLED55C17 (55", 4K, OLED, 2021)
LG OLED55C17 (55", 4K, OLED, 2021)
OLED65C17 (65", 4K, OLED, 2021)
LG OLED65C17 (65", 4K, OLED, 2021)
OLED77C17 (77", 4K, OLED, 2021)
LG OLED77C17 (77", 4K, OLED, 2021)
OLED83C17LA (83", 4K, OLED, 2021)
LG OLED83C17LA (83", 4K, OLED, 2021)

G1 series

LG uses the G1 series to display its skills, going into battle against other manufacturers' flagships. Firstly, the device appears convincing with a very thin design (see picture below), which enables a practically distance-free wall connection. Additionally, even brighter images can be displayed due to the new TV panel and its Evo technology. In combination with its extremely strong black levels, this results in even better contrasts and intermediate tones.

OLED65G19 (65", 4K, OLED, 2021)
3006.–was 3398.–
LG OLED65G19 (65", 4K, OLED, 2021)
OLED77G19 (77", 4K, OLED, 2021)
LG OLED77G19 (77", 4K, OLED, 2021)
LG's G1 flagship series remains true to its successful concept: the finger-width design and recessed connections allow the TV to be mounted to walls without clearance.
LG's G1 flagship series remains true to its successful concept: the finger-width design and recessed connections allow the TV to be mounted to walls without clearance.

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Pascal Kohler
Pascal Kohler
Junior Category Business Manager, Zurich

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