Just teasing? New sexy lingerie in our range
New to our range

Just teasing? New sexy lingerie in our range

Juliana Jordanoska
Zurich, on 09.07.2019
Translation: Eva Francis
Fancy new sexy lingerie? We’ve extended our range. Check out our new selection of items by brands such as Obsessive, Rimba and Gorteks.


A well-fitting bra is essential when it comes to feeling comfortable and sexy. The selection of bras by the brand Obsessive emphasises all the right features with lace adornments.

Check out the brand Obsessive.


Admittedly, the panties below don't look super comfortable, but they’re definitely teasing. Invite to unwrap with a bow or go for suspender sets in classic colours red and black.

Strapsgürtel-Set "Hanna" (One size)
Rimba Strapsgürtel-Set "Hanna" (One size)
Strapsgürtel-Set "Lena" (L, XL)
Rimba Strapsgürtel-Set "Lena" (L, XL)

Check out the brand Rimba.


If you’re into fashion, owning a kimono is an absolute must. Made of beautiful satin, a kimono feels soft on the skin and looks beautiful.

Check out the brand Gorteks.

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Juliana Jordanoska
Juliana Jordanoska
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