Just in: Christmas jumpers!
Just in: Christmas jumpers!
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Just in: Christmas jumpers!

Diana Barmettler
Zurich, on 07.11.2021
Translation: Veronica Bielawski

As a self-confessed Christmas lover, I love celebrating everything to do with the holiday. There’s nothing better than spreading Christmas cheer. And what better way to do get in the spirit than with Christmas jumpers?

Due to this year’s supply shortages, the sweaters below will be switched out on an ongoing basis. I recommend you check back regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on your fave design. Supplies are limited.


Ugly Christmas jumpers

These sweaters are sure to be a hit at any office Christmas party. Quality conversation starter included.

The Child Christmas
The Mandalorian The Child Christmas
Wanted Christmas Sweater
Urban Classics Wanted Christmas Sweater
Snowflake Christmas Tree Sweater
Urban Classics Snowflake Christmas Tree Sweater

Unicoloured jumpers


Let it snow - 12198770
Jack & Jones Let it snow - 12198770


Christmas designs

Mickey & Minnie Christmas Sweatshirt
Mickey Mouse Mickey & Minnie Christmas Sweatshirt
Ladies Short Oversized Christmas Cardigan
Urban Classics Ladies Short Oversized Christmas Cardigan
Weihnachts- Strickpullover - 415870
Vero Moda Weihnachts- Strickpullover - 415870


Hannis (S)
Quantity discount
13.–for 2 units
Pieces Hannis (S)

Chill Christmas outfits

If you prefer to stay in and snuggle up on the couch, here’s the perfect outfit for you.

Christmas accessories

Quantity discount
7.–for 3 units
Pieces Elisa
Christmas Candy Tree
DillySocks Christmas Candy Tree
Snowflake (pack of 4, One size)
Vero Moda Snowflake (pack of 4, One size)

Click here to check out our full range of Christmas sweaters. Enjoy!


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Diana Barmettler
Diana Barmettler

Junior Category Business Manager, Zurich

For as far back as I can remember, I've been in love with colours, shapes and fashion. I also like ice cream (from a certain shop in particular), people (from all regions) and sunshine (any place in the world).


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