Is your home ready for spring?
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Is your home ready for spring?

Catharina Carstens
Zurich, on 24.02.2019
Translation: Eva Francis
Not yet? Check out the new arrivals in our range of home accessories and storage solutions and pick out your spring favourites. These products add a dash of colour to your home or make space for your spring wardrobe – all without putting a dent in your finances. Haven’t found what you need? The link under each product selection will take you to the entire category.


Vase Ceramic Green 23x23x22.5 Green
Kersten Vase Ceramic Green 23x23x22.5 Green
Vase (15cm)
7 of 7 remaining
11.20was 14.–
Bloomingville Vase (15cm)
Pfister Blackwhite

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Storage boxes

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Storage baskets

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Barcelona Allin (50cm, 21.40cm)
Elho Barcelona Allin (50cm, 21.40cm)

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Fleur de sel XX (60 x 106 cm)
Bloomingville Fleur de sel XX (60 x 106 cm)
Nature (52 x 72 cm)
Broste Copenhagen Nature (52 x 72 cm)

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Scented candles

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Decorative cushions

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Terry towelling

Terry towelling/>
Douceur 3er Set (72 x 150 (bath towel))
Weseta Switzerland Douceur 3er Set (72 x 150 (bath towel))

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Newspaper racks

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Clothes stands

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Clothes hangers

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Fabric wardrobes

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Shoe cabinets

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Catharina Carstens
Catharina Carstens
Senior Category Marketing Manager, Zurich
My natural curiosity for innovative and beautiful products is the driving force behind my work. Why do I manage our range of office equipment such as printers, inks and toners? I want to be there when printers finally become stylish.

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