How about a romantic Easter weekend away?
How about a romantic Easter weekend away?
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How about a romantic Easter weekend away?

Oliver Rinderknecht
Zurich, on 12.04.2019
Translation: Eva Francis
Looking for inspiration on what to do on the extended Easter weekend? We have a range of new culinary and adventurous packages on offer. There's sure to be an activity that takes your fancy.

Romantic overnight stays

How about making the most of the Easter break and booking a romantic weekend for two?

Culinary evenings

You can never go wrong with a culinary experience – everybody enjoys good food and wine.

Adventurous activities

Haven’t you always wanted to spend the night in a tree house?

Wine tastings

A wine tasting makes for a great gift – enjoy a glass or two and learn everything about wine and how it’s produced.

City trips

Discovering a city is sure to create great memories.

Fancy a *city break?**
New to our range

Fancy a city break?

Go to all our new adventure packages.

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Oliver Rinderknecht
Oliver Rinderknecht
Senior Portfolio Development Manager, Zurich
Whether in sports, everyday life or on my travels around the globe, I’m always on the lookout for a new adventure. My passion for action has no limits – I love ruling the waves on a board or with a kite, cycling across Switzerland on my bike and scoring goals on the football field every week. My job as Sports Marketing Manager at Galaxus gives me the chance to bring my passion to the workplace.

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