Holidays at home: maritime tableware
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Holidays at home: maritime tableware

Léonie de Montmollin
Zurich, on 18.06.2019
Translation: Eva Francis
Blue tableware makes us think of summer, sun and the Mediterranean. It makes grilled dishes look even more yummy and is a great way to add a splash of colour to our dining table. Our four new, sky-coloured tableware collections boast various looks and charming details.

Stoneware dishes in new colours

The plates and bowls by CreaTable have been popular for some time now. With new colour options, you can now mix and match your own new Mediterranean tableware set. Check out all options in the Nature collection by CreaTable.

Nature Collection (0.30l, 6x, Cup)
CreaTable Nature Collection (0.30l, 6x, Cup)
Nature Collection (6x)
CreaTable Nature Collection (6x)

The surprise is in the glaze

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A Simple Mess has come up with the small but impressive line «Tavaha» that’s all about unique glazing. These blue-grey dishes will go down especially well with anyone who loves Scandinavian design.

Teller Tavaha (1x, 31cm)
A Simple Mess Teller Tavaha (1x, 31cm)
Plate Tavaha 25cm (1x, 25cm)
A Simple Mess Plate Tavaha 25cm (1x, 25cm)
Teller Tavaha 18cm (1x, 18cm)
A Simple Mess Teller Tavaha 18cm (1x, 18cm)

Perfectly imperfect

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Tranquillo’s line «Elsa» is sire to delight purists. The charming irregularities in the painting and surface are created on purpose and make every piece of tableware unique. Check out the Elsa collection.

Elsa (1x, Cup)
Tranquillo Elsa (1x, Cup)
Elsa (1x, 21cm)
Tranquillo Elsa (1x, 21cm)

«Batik is back»

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Why not? Easy Life applies batik, a technique that’s usually used to die textiles, on tableware. See the full Indigo collection.

Indigo soup plate (1x, 18.50cm)
Easy Life Indigo soup plate (1x, 18.50cm)
Indigo Desserteller (1x, 21cm)
Easy Life Indigo Desserteller (1x, 21cm)
Indigo Porzellanbecher (0.38l, 1x, Cup)
Easy Life Indigo Porzellanbecher (0.38l, 1x, Cup)

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Browse through all cups, plates and bowls in shades of blue.

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Léonie de Montmollin
Léonie de Montmollin
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