Here comes IGGI – the first Laurastar steam brush
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Here comes IGGI – the first Laurastar steam brush

Nina Gurt
Zurich, on 25.11.2020
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
When it comes to ironing, Laurastar remains unrivalled Switzerland. This year the Swiss brand launched its first steam brush. After a long wait, the device is now also available here. Find out where and what this innovative steam brush can clean right here.

Laurastar is known for its ironing systems. They've succeeded in combining irons and ironing boards into one powerful appliance. So well in fact, that households might be hard-pressed to part with their previous ironing systems. But this year Laurastar is venturing into uncharted territory. The new steam brush is available in two different colours. We proudly present: IGGI.

IGGI (850W)
Laurastar IGGI (850W)

Some key facts:

  • Water tank: 80 ml.
  • Steam pressure: 3.9 bar.
  • Heating time: 2.5 minutes.
  • Cable length: 1.8 m
  • Weight: 1 kg.
  • with Auto-Stop function.
  • Included in the delivery: device, glove, refill bottle.

Smoothing and disinfecting with IGGI

Need to remove annoying wrinkles from your shirt or blouse before work? Thanks to Laurastar's «Dry Microfine Steam» (DMS steam), smoothing is easy as pie while remaining gentle on textile fibres. The device has a steam pressure of 3.9 bar and is quickly ready for use thanks to its short heat-up time of 2.5 minutes. At 80 ml, the water tank is slightly larger than other steam brushes. But IGGI doesn't only smooth using DMS steam. The steam brush is also suitable for disinfecting textiles and objects such as cuddly plushies, toys or door handles. According to the manufacturer, the DMS was tested in a laboratory. They confirmed that DMS steam kills 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria, as well as 100% of all mites on textiles, plastics and metals. IGGI is compact and therefore easy to take with you when travelling. Thanks to its luxurious packaging, the steam brush is also suitable as a gift for your loved ones.

Optional assistance

Naturally IGGI also comes with various accessories. There's a hook to uncrumple your clothes so that you can hang them on a door for smoothing, a small bottle to refill your IGGI and last but not least a descaler, with enough juice for up to ten descaling operations.

Hooks for de-wrinkling
Quantity discount
Laurastar Hooks for de-wrinkling

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