Happy Love: the new brand putting the spotlight on pleasure
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Happy Love: the new brand putting the spotlight on pleasure

Cinzia Memper
Zurich, on 04.07.2018
Revision: Eva Francis

A few weeks ago the popular Swiss sex shop Amorana launched its own brand, «Happy Love». The aim is to make modern love toys that are affordable and focus on design. When they suggested the toys can take pleasure to a new level, we knew we had to find out more.

The Happy Love brand is about excellent value for money. Although the range is (still) small, it focuses on bringing high-quality products to the market. With nine toys and two accessories to choose from, you’ll struggle to turn down the heat. The best bit is these toys are pretty inclusive – you can use them to spice up single life (whether you’re male or female) or enjoy them together with someone else.

These pleasure toys are for novices and seasoned pros alike. Made of high-quality silicon and 100% water-resistant, they’re designed to meet high expectations. Names like «Super Trooper», «Perfect Lover» and «Commander G» add a touch of fun to the game (of love).

Always at the ready: mini vibrators

These vibrators might be small but they certainly don’t fall short in the power department. The elegant «Slender Sam» and G spot vibrator «Mister Delight» are perfect for a touch of female indulgence. What gives these mini vibrators the upper hand over standard versions? They’re small enough to fit in almost any handbag.

At only 9.4 cm in length and a diameter of 1.7 cm, the mini vibrator can fit in most handbags

Get straight to the heart of the matter

With 12 vibration levels, both of these toys guarantee climax. Either stimulate your G spot with «Commander G» or go wild with double stimulation of the G spot and clitoris with the «Perfect Lover». Whichever you choose, it’s certainly going to awaken your erogenous zones.

Going in the back door

Brief word from the manufacturer, Amorana: anal stimulation can be a sensual experience for both men and women. And they’re not wrong. The Happy Love Trio is made specifically for anal pleasure. It gives you everything you need for unforgettable fun, whether you’re new to sex toys or a dab hand. Explore the flexible anal vibrator «Super Trooper», the stimulating anal plug «Charlie Chipper» and the handy anal douche «Softie Joy».

Toys to make sex even better for her and him

The cock ring «Zac Zac» isn’t just meant for harder and longer lasting erections. It’s also designed so the wavy shape intensively stimulates the penis. If making him last longer is on the agenda, you might want to check out «Steady Stud» gel – it works by reducing sensitivity at the tip.

These are bound to get both of you going. But that’s not to say you can’t go solo now and again. For female sex toys, look no further than the «Perky Pixie». These love beads are meant to give you more intense orgasms thanks to pelvic floor exercises.

Steady Stud (30 ml)
Happy Love Steady Stud (30 ml)

Check out the full range of love toys and accessories here.

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