Gorilla Sports: from pull-up bars to exercise bikes
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Gorilla Sports: from pull-up bars to exercise bikes

Oliver Rinderknecht
Zurich, on 13.09.2018
Translation: Eva Francis
Whether you train regularly at home, want to do something for your health or need new equipment for your gym – Gorilla Sports offers robust and safe equipment for effective fitness training. I'll show you a small selection of our new fitness brand's extensive range.

Home fitness: large exercise equipment

Your home shouldn't only be a place to eat and sleep, but also one to work out and keep fit. How? With this equipment for your very own home gym.

Laufband TM 2 Pro de Luxe - 1383
Christopeit Laufband TM 2 Pro de Luxe - 1383
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Weight training: high-quality weights for specific exercises

Weight benches, dumbbells and multi-gyms are your thing? Here’s equipment that is sure to make those muscles grow.

Langhantelset (4x)
Gorilla Sports Langhantelset (4x)
199.90was 229.90
Gorilla Sports Kurzhantelset

Aerobic exercises: keep in shape

Do you do aerobics regularly or would you like to train your fitness and endurance? These products will help you reach your goals.

Gymnastikhanteln - 399 (1x)
Gorilla Sports Gymnastikhanteln - 399 (1x)

Check out the full Gorilla Sports range

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Oliver Rinderknecht
Oliver Rinderknecht
Category Development Manager, Zurich
Whether in sports, everyday life or on my travels around the globe, I’m always on the lookout for a new adventure. My passion for action has no limits – I love ruling the waves on a board or with a kite, cycling across Switzerland on my bike and scoring goals on the football field every week. My job as Sports Marketing Manager at Galaxus gives me the chance to bring my passion to the workplace.

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