Fruit plants such as vines...
Fruit plants such as vines...
... and currants by Häberli.
... and currants by Häberli.
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Flowers for your spring garden

Seraphine Rutschmann
Zurich, on 17.04.2021
Translation: Eva Francis
Just in time for the spring season, we’ve added new berries, plants and flowers to our garden range.

Spring is a good time to plant new flowers in your garden – how about berry plants, daffodils and hyacinths?

Fruit and berry plants

These plants don’t only look pretty, they also bear sweet fruit. If you want to spice up your muesli with your own berries in summer, get planting now.

Red currants JONKHEER VAN TETS (80cm)
Häberli Red currants JONKHEER VAN TETS (80cm)
Currants WHITE VERSAILLER (80cm)
Häberli Currants WHITE VERSAILLER (80cm)
Blueberries Patriot (80cm)
Häberli Blueberries Patriot (80cm)
Vine Robustarebe® Buffalo (120cm)
Häberli Vine Robustarebe® Buffalo (120cm)
Mini apple GOLDIE cactus (90cm)
Häberli Mini apple GOLDIE cactus (90cm)

Flower bulbs

Bulb arrangements grow into pretty spring flowers and make a great gift or garden table decoration.

2 bulbs in pot Sina (18cm)
Fresca-Plant 2 bulbs in pot Sina (18cm)
4 bulbs in decorative pot (21cm)
Fresca-Plant 4 bulbs in decorative pot (21cm)
Arrangement of 3 bulbs (18cm)
Fresca-Plant Arrangement of 3 bulbs (18cm)

Check out our full range of plants.

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Seraphine Rutschmann
Seraphine Rutschmann
Junior Category Business Manager, Zurich
I'm a passionate collector of magic moments; especially the ones that happen outdoors. I have a love for adventure and get excited about anthing unusual or weird. A flower child at heart with a curious nature – that's me in a nutshell.

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