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Exentri now also offers mini-wallets

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The Norwegian wallet brand Exentri is (still) one of the insider tips among small leather goods connoisseurs. The launch of the new, smaller and thinner mini wallets gives us an opportunity to learn more about the brand.

The founders of Exentri recognised the trend towards more space for cards and less cash as early as 1999. They set themselves the goal of designing a functional, handy wallet that meets modern demands but still looks classic and stylish. The result is their wallets, multi-wallets and now mini-wallets: unlike competing brands, Exentri doesn't have a click or print system for using your cards, but accessing the ones you use most often is possible without opening the wallet.

There is room for up to seven cards in the expandable wallets and multiwallets, plus there are compartments for notes and receipts and a coin pocket in the multiwallet. The Miniwallet is the new, minimalist version of the Exentri classic. It has six compartments for cards and banknotes.

All Exentri wallets are RFID-protected, made of high-quality leather and lined on the inside with smooth nylon, which allows the cards to slide easily out of the wallet. The metal parts are made of stainless steel. If you want to give a wallet from Exentri as a gift, half the work is done for you: The products are delivered in an elegant gift box.

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What actually is RFID protection?

RFID stands for "Radio Frequency Identification", the technology behind contactless payment. It requires a microchip in your means of payment, an antenna in your card, a receiver antenna in the payment terminal and a short distance between the two. The antenna in your card transmits the information from the microchip, the receiver antenna processes it and uses it to debit the outstanding amount from the specified account.

Theoretically, a data thief could charge money to your contactless card if he or she has a microchip reader and gets close enough to your wallet for the two antennas to make contact - but even then, only the limited amount you can pay at the cash register without entering your PIN: In most cases, this is a maximum of 80 francs. The risk of RFID fraud is therefore not enormous, both for reasons of practicability (how many thieves acquire a mobile card reader?) and of potential damage.
Still, many choose to take that extra step towards data security.

Here's the full range of Exentri.

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