Exclusive RC cars: «Silverlit Fury Cross» and «Mini Aquajet»
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Exclusive RC cars: «Silverlit Fury Cross» and «Mini Aquajet»

Ludo Penning de Vries
Zurich, on 09.05.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
These remote controlled vehicles are brand new in our collection. And they can do more than just drive. This video will show you what they can do

Fury Cross

The Fury Cross gives you two cars for the price of one. At the push of a button the Mini Flip jumps out of the roof of the 4x4 and you can stunt with it.

Mini Aquajet

The Mini Aquajet is your best friend for a trip by the lake. Drive into the water and, at the push of a button, the car transforms into a boat.

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Ludo Penning de Vries
Ludo Penning de Vries
Category Business Manager, Zurich
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