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Everything you probably don't know about the latest Apple devices

Wondering what new products Apple has released? We'll show you the latest releases and the coolest features. And most importantly, how to get the most out of the Apple ecosystem.

Apple has an extensive product range with a lot to offer, especially if you use several Apple devices. For instance, if you work on a laptop but you want to carry on where you left off on your tablet, you can. When your Apple devices communicate and sync with each other, it makes your life much easier.

Strap yourself in. We're about to dive into all digitec's Apple products and find out how to get the best out of them. If you know about any other cool Apple features, let us know in the comments.


Smartphones are like an extra limb. Did you know we pick them up more than 100 times a day to look at something? This makes the iPhone more than just a very personal possession. It's also the key and remote control to all your other Apple devices. It’s like your control centre.

Did you know your iPhone

  • can hide specific photos in the chronological overview so you can stop people seeing things they shouldn’t?
  • also has a trackpad, which you can use whenever the screen keyboard is activated? Tap and hold your finger down on the keyboard. The trackpad should then appear, letting you navigate with the cursor.
  • can close several apps simultaneously via Multi-Touch? Put two fingers on the app preview window to close two apps or more at once.

The current bestseller

Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen) (64 GB, Black, 4.70", SIM + eSIM, 12 Mpx, 4G)
Mobile phones

Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen)

64 GB, Black, 4.70", SIM + eSIM, 12 Mpx, 4G

  • New to our range

    The new iPhone SE: what a surprise! Order now.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has so much more to offer than just telling the time. You can use it as an alarm, as a contactless payment method for your lunch or as a fitness aid for your evening workouts.

Did you know your Apple Watch

  • has a calculator with a tip feature?
  • can take screenshots that can be saved to your gallery?
  • includes a «Do not disturb» mode, which is great for the cinema, dates, etc.?

The current bestseller

  • New to our range

    Now available: Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE


With its wide range of features, the iPad is perfect for work and studying. You can use it to check the news in the morning, watch movies on the way to work or to do some cramming in the evenings. You can even order your new textbooks hassle-free thanks to Apple Pay.

Did you know your iPad

  • is compatible with MS Office so you can work on all your documents?
  • lets you use the same keyboard shortcuts as on your laptop?
  • can read text sections aloud?

The current bestseller

Apple iPad 2020 (8. Gen) (10.20", 32 GB, Space Grey)

Apple iPad 2020 (8. Gen)

10.20", 32 GB, Space Grey

  • New to our range

    The new 2020 iPad (8th Gen): order now


The MacBook has loads of options for almost everything, whether you're editing photos and videos, programming, designing graphics or gaming.

Did you know your MacBook

  • also lets you take calls?
  • Pro 13-inch has the latest Magic Keyboard?
  • saves games so you can continue playing them on your iPhone?

The current bestseller

Apple MacBook Pro – 2020 (13.30", Intel Core i5-1038G7, 16 GB, 512 GB, CH)

Apple MacBook Pro – 2020

13.30", Intel Core i5-1038G7, 16 GB, 512 GB, CH

  • New to our range

    Die neuen MacBook Pro 13 Zoll sind da. Jetzt bestellen

If you're a business customer, you can buy Apple products from us and pay using Apple Financial Services. This means you can pay for the hardware in two or three instalments rather than everything upfront.

  • New to our range

    Apple-Hardware mieten statt kaufen

AirPods and Beats

If you want adaptable, all-day headphones, you're in the right place with AirPods and Beats. They're perfect for listening to music while you're out, for taking video calls at home and for going cable-free during exercise.

Did you know your AirPods

  • can be adapted and configured beyond out-of-the-box settings?
  • are compatible with the Find my iPhone app, meaning you can use your phone to find your AirPods case?
  • can be hooked up to your Apple TV so you can watch series without disturbing the rest of the family?

The current bestseller

Apple AirPods Pro (1st Gen.) Lightning Case (ANC, 4.50 h, Wireless)

Apple AirPods Pro (1st Gen.) Lightning Case

ANC, 4.50 h, Wireless

Beats Powerbeats Pro (9 h, Wireless)

Beats Powerbeats Pro

9 h, Wireless

  • News + Trends

    Apple stellt AirPod Pro mit Noise Cancelling vor

    by Aurel Stevens

  • New to our range

    Beats is back

Apple TV

Apple TV offers more than the name suggests. You can watch TV and films but it also lets you access the most popular streaming apps, such as Netflix, Sky, Amazon Prime and Apple TV+. The Apple TV box also has ample options for gamers.

Did you know your Apple TV

  • can be controlled using your iPhone?
  • can be connected to all your Apple devices via Airplay?
  • lets you view all your photos and videos via iCloud?

The current bestseller

App Store & iTunes gift cards

You can use iTunes e-gift cards to buy all kinds of apps, music and movies from your Apple account. It's easy to pay and you can check your account balance at any time.

Did you know

  • you can use gift cards to pay for your Apple TV+ subscription or give a subscription as a present?
  • the apps you've bought and downloaded are available on all your Apple devices?
  • there are over 2 million apps in the App Store?
  • New to our range

    App Store + iTunes gift cards – new to our range

Apple services

Apple TV+

The streaming service offers Apple Originals, content produced by Apple. There’s new content each month, and you can watch it with the whole family. Don't worry, Apple TV+ doesn't have any ads. You can even download your favourite series to your iPad and watch them offline. When you buy an Apple device, you automatically get a year's subscription to Apple TV+, as long as you activate the offer within 90 days.

Apple Music

The soundtrack to your evening. Dance the night away to your favourite tunes on Apple Music. Students get the first three months free. After that, pay 6.50 CHF per month to access 60 million songs.

Did you know

  • you can enjoy Apple Music in the car using CarPlay?
  • Apple Music also gives you the lyrics in time with the song?
  • you can load music onto your Apple Watch if your phone isn't nearby?

Apple Arcade

Explore the gaming world and discover new characters and games every month. The Apple Arcade subscription gives you access to over 100 online games. You won’t get any ads or in-app purchases here either. You can add up to five family members to your subscription and share the fun.

Apple B2B

Apple has lots of interesting options for B2B customers.

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Get in touch with our B2B team to find out more.

digitec connect: the all-around mobile subscription

Keep all your devices connected to the Internet with digitec connect. If you want your Apple products to communicate and sync with each other, you need to keep them online. The digitec connect subscription offers an eSIM for your iPhone, while the MultiSIM option is perfect for your Apple Watch, tablet or laptop. Now you can surf on all your devices on the go. There's also a mobile subscription for business customers.

  • New to our range

    digitec connect. The new mobile subscription for you, your family and your loved ones

  • New to our range

    Our digitec connect mobile subscription for business customers

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