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Dyson Detect(s) - When is the floor really clean?


We live in a time when hygiene is more important than ever. Dyson has once again improved its products to meet the needs of its customers. Much of the dust in our homes is invisible to the naked eye. The latest generation of hoovers with the V12 Detect and V15 Detect is now equipped with laser detection technology.

This article was provided by Dyson . We briefly introduce you to the new technology that the new models, the V12 Detect and the V15 Detect, come with:

Laser dust detection

You're probably all familiar with the phenomenon when the sun shines on the floor at just the right angle and it glistens - at the latest, you realise how much dust and lint has accumulated. Dyson uses this technique for itself and has integrated a green diode into the Slim Fluffy floor nozzle at a 1.5 degree angle. A special lens was developed for this purpose. Besides, our eyes perceive green light best. This enhances the contrast and makes hidden dirt clearly visible.

Acoustic dust detection

Sounds strange at first, but it's another phenomenon - a tiny piezoelectric sensor that counts particles to give more information about the dust. During vacuuming, all kinds of particles bounce on the inlet channel of the device. The piezoelectric sensor detects these vibrations, and a dust detection algorithm counts and categorises the particles 15,000 times per second. The result is shown to the user in real time on the LCD display. Here is a brief overview of the different types of particles:

  • Larger than 10 microns - allergens and pollen .- larger than 60 microns - microscopic dust and dander .- greater than 180 microns - dust mites and fine sand
  • greater than 500 microns - fleas and sugars

When the unit is operated in Automatic mode, the suction power increases whenever high dust concentrations are detected. This setting also conserves the battery.

"Anti-Tangle" technology

In addition to dust, hair, both human and pet, is often found in the home. Getting hair to wrap neatly around the brush rollers is a challenge for many manufacturers. Dyson engineers have solved this problem too - with an anti-entanglement brush roller integrated into the mini electric brush.

The cleaning head is designed like a comb so that nothing gets tangled or caught on the brush bar and has to be removed by hand. The hair enters the dust bin in a spiral.
. In addition, the brush is equipped with its own motor, which makes it even easier and more efficient to use deep in upholstery and mattresses or on stairs. .

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Dyson is a global technology company headquartered in Malmesbury, England. Its best-known product is a bagless vacuum cleaner based on the principle of a so-called cyclone. In addition to various cyclone vacuum cleaners, which are all based on the same basic principle and are all bagless, the product range also includes hand dryers (Airblade), hair straighteners (Corrale), hair stylers (Airwrap), hair dryers (Supersonic), fans (Air-Multiplier) and fan heaters. 

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