Discover diapers and wet wipes by Baby Spice and other brands
Discover diapers and wet wipes by Baby Spice and other brands
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Discover diapers and wet wipes by Baby Spice and other brands

Melanie Hammel
Zurich, on 10.11.2021
Translation: Veronica Bielawski

Good news: we’ve expanded our diaper range! You’ll now find monthly boxes from Rascal + Friends, or completely new brands like Kit & Kin, Libero and Popolini.

When it comes to changing diapers, tried and true is often preferred. Some place a lot of importance on the brand, while others value sustainable and local production. We aim to have the perfect diaper for all parents – and preferences – in our range.

Rascal + Friends

Rascal + Friends offers premium diapers made without harmful substances. They’re absorbent, soft as silk and gentle on sensitive baby skin. Sizes three, four and five are now also available in monthly boxes.

5 Walker Monthly Box (size 5, 134 Piece, Big Pack)
Rascal+Friends 5 Walker Monthly Box (size 5, 134 Piece, Big Pack)

Discover all Rascal + Friends products here.

Sustainable diapers from Kit & Kin

Kit & Kin is an English brand. Emma Bunton, also known as Baby Spice from the Spice Girls, is the founder. She launched the Kit & Kin brand with her husband in 2017, after becoming a mum. According to the manufacturer, all diapers, wipes, skin care products and baby clothes are made of 100% organic cotton and contain only gentle ingredients and materials without harsh chemicals. This makes them particularly well suited for sensitive skin. Kit & Kin offers disposable diapers, diaper pants and cloth diapers. Here are a few highlights:

Nappies (size 4, 136 Piece)
Kit & Kin Nappies (size 4, 136 Piece)
Nappies (size 4, 34 Piece)
Kit & Kin Nappies (size 4, 34 Piece)
Pull ups (size 5, 20 Piece)
Quantity discount
13.40for 2 units0.69/1pcs.
Kit & Kin Pull ups (size 5, 20 Piece)
Reusable nappy (One size, 1 Piece)
Kit & Kin Reusable nappy (One size, 1 Piece)
Liners (One size, 100 Piece)
Quantity discount
8.35for 3 units0.09/1pcs.
Kit & Kin Liners (One size, 100 Piece)
Wipes (60 Piece)
Quantity discount
4.75for 4 units
Kit & Kin Wipes (60 Piece)

Discover all Kit & Kin products here.

Libero – the premium diaper from Sweden

Libero meets high standards for sustainability and eco-friendliness with the Nordic Ecolabel. Additives such as perfumes and lotions aren’t used in its products, making them ideal for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested and recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic.

Comfort (size 5, 24 Piece)
Quantity discount
13.80for 2 units0.59/1pcs.
Libero Comfort (size 5, 24 Piece)

Discover all Libero products here.

Cloth diapers from Petit Lulu and Popolini

Expanding our range of cloth diapers is another point of focus for us. Here are some new arrivals from Petit Lulu and Popolini:

Cloth Diaper, One-Size, Cars
Petit Lulu Cloth Diaper, One-Size, Cars
Stoffwindel, One-Size, Delphine
Petit Lulu Stoffwindel, One-Size, Delphine
Windelhöschen, Waldlandschaft, Gr. XL
Popolini Windelhöschen, Waldlandschaft, Gr. XL

Discover all Popolini products here.

See all new arrivals in our diaper range here.

Naïf care products: plastic-free baby wipes

Naïf is a care product brand from The Hague. Naïf skin care products are made from natural ingredients, contain no unnecessary additives and are suitable for all skin types – and for old and young. All Naïf products have been developed and produced with no testing on animals and are 100% vegan. Naïf’s plastic-free baby wipes are made from eucalyptus fibres, which means they’re biodegradable. Naïf didn’t neglect packaging, either; it’s made from bioplastic, with sugar cane as the main ingredient. To provide the best possible care for baby’s skin, the wet wipes are made of 99% water and are free from alcohol and fragrance.

Baby wipes (432 Piece)
35.50was 41.20
Naïf Baby wipes (432 Piece)
Plastic Free (54 Piece)
Quantity discount
7.70for 3 units
Naïf Plastic Free (54 Piece)

Discover all Naïf products here.

dm ebelin wet wipes

Thanks to the exclusive collaboration with dm-drogerie markt, Germany’s top drugstore chain, 300 products from selected dm brands are now available at Galaxus, with more to come. Here’s a selection of dm wet wipes:

moist wipes 4x25pcs (100 Piece)
Quantity discount
5.05for 4 units
ebelin moist wipes 4x25pcs (100 Piece)
Wet wipes (50 Piece)
Quantity discount
5.50for 3 units
ebelin Wet wipes (50 Piece)
Feuchte Waschlappen Seide 30 Stück (30 Piece)
8 of 8 remaining
3.40was 4.25
ebelin Feuchte Waschlappen Seide 30 Stück (30 Piece)

See all new arrivals in our wet wipes range here.

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