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digitec Investigations: the not so secret life of car posers

Simon Balissat
Zurich, on 14.04.2021
Translation: Eva Francis
Cool rides, roaring engines and lots of power. Car posers and the Swiss police aren’t exactly best friends. But what do car posers themselves have to say? I’ve talked to some at the hotspot of Baden main station.

Girls screaming at boy band concerts are nothing compared to what happens when Arash pulls up at a petrol station in his glittering Mercedes.

The flashy S-Class vehicle goes down well on and off the road, he says. The women of Baden, however, don't agree. They’re not impressed at all by cool cars.

Now what?

Check out the video to see some opinions. For English subtitles, go to the YouTube settings in the bottom right corner of the video.

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Simon Balissat
Simon Balissat
Teamleader Editorial, Zurich
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