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digitec connect Family + Friends Option - now even better

Maya Homberger
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Since the launch of our digitec connect cell phone subscription, we are constantly optimizing and developing our subscription. In recent weeks, the focus has been on the Family + Friends Option. Here I show you how the Family + Friends Option works and what we have improved.

With us, there is exactly one subscription, which adapts to your consumption monthly. Included are 3 GB data in Switzerland, 1 GB roaming in the EU/USA and unlimited telephony and SMS for 25.- per month. With the Family + Friends Option you can benefit from even more included data.

How does the Family + Friends Option work? With digitec connect you have the possibility to add up to four additional subscriptions to your customer account. For each additional subscription, everyone receives 1 GB more data included in their subscription. Five people benefit from unlimited data for 25.- per month each. Here you can see a cost overview:

Example: If there are three of you, each subscription has 5 GB included for 25.- per month. If you need more data, you can buy 1 GB each for 6.-. From 7 GB you benefit from unlimited data for 37.-. It doesn't matter with whom you start your family. It can be your neighbor, your grandmother or someone from your circle of friends. All information about the subscription and the Family + Friends Option can be found at

In the next paragraphs you will read what we have improved in the last weeks.

Anyone can invite other family members

Until now, only the account administrator could invite other family members and friends. We have now removed this restriction. Everyone in the family now has the ability to send the invitation link from their account. However, the account administrator still has the final say and must approve the registration of new members.

Everyone in the family can see who is joining

Previously, only the account administrator could see who was in the Family. Now all family members and friends can see all members of the family in the cockpit. So you have an overview of the whole family. In addition, you can give yourself a family name, which all members can edit. How about "digitecos"?

As you can see I still need some inspiration for my digitec connect family name. If you have a cool idea, feel free to write it in the comment column.

Everyone can pay the bill

Separate billing was a request from many digitec connect customers. Now all family members have the possibility to pay their bill themselves with their deposited payment method. Previously, all charges went through the main user. In this article you will find all the details about the separate bill:

  • New to our range

    digitec connect Family + Friends Option - now also with separate invoice

How big would your Family be?

We have already received some customer feedback on the family size at digitec connect. Some of you think that the limit of five members is too low. We have already thought about this topic and are very curious to hear your opinion.

Feel free to leave a comment what you think is the ideal maximum number of members for the Family + Friends option, provided the benefit remains the same. That means, for example, if 7 people would be the maximum number, then each member gets 1 GB more data per month per additional person. Five, six and seven all have unlimited data for 25.- per month.

digitec connect family size

What do you think would be the ideal maximum number of family members in the Family + Friends option?

The competition has ended.

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