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digitec connect Family + Friends Option - now also with separate invoice

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Our digitec connect subscription features the Family + Friends option, where all members benefit from additional data. Until now, there was a catch: the joint bill. - From now on, each member of a family group can pay their own bills.

You asked for it, you got it. Thank you for the many suggestions you made. We have gladly taken them on board and made the subscription even more attractive. At least we hope so. Here are details about the latest feature of digitec connect - the separate bill in the Family + Friends Option.

It was also high time. Because not even our project manager Thomas Peter had created a digitec connect Family yet! Precisely for the reason that no separate invoices were possible. And he is not alone in this, because many of you have already criticized this about our subscription and it prevented you from benefiting from even more data.

How do I activate my separate invoice?

The prerequisite for separate billing is to enable the cockpit for members who want to pay themselves. This can be enabled in the user profile (red dot in the upper right corner of the cockpit) for each individual member. If you want to continue to bill the account administrator, this is of course also possible. Please note that only adult members (18 years and older) can pay the bill themselves. As soon as you have access to your cockpit, you can set up the payment yourself:

  • You will receive an SMS with the link to the cockpit. Log in accordingly with your digitec or Galaxus account.
  • Then you can manage the payment method in the Cockpit in the upper right corner of your user profile.
  • The costs will be automatically deducted from your credit card or TWINT account every month.

    You can see all the details about your costs in your Cockpit. The account administrator no longer sees the costs of the members in his cockpit as soon as they pay the bill themselves.

You don't know about the Family + Friends option yet?

With digitec connect, you can add up to four additional subscriptions for family members or friends in your dashboard. Each member benefits from 1 GB more data in Switzerland per month. If there are five of you, you all benefit from unlimited data in Switzerland for 25.- per month.

A calculation example: If there are three of you, everyone has 5 GB data in Switzerland included in the basic fee for 25.- per month. If you need more data, another GB costs 6.- and from 7 GB you have unlimited data in Switzerland. In this example you would have all unlimited data for 37.- (instead of 49.-) per month per person.

The most important facts about the Family + Friends Option:

  • You can have a maximum of 5 subscriptions in your customer account.
  • Each subscription includes 1 GB more data per additional member.
  • With five subscriptions, everyone benefits from unlimited data in Switzerland for 25.- per month each.
  • Everyone with the Family + Friends Option can pay their own bill with TWINT or credit card.

    You don't have a digitec connect subscription yet?

    Then it's high time to subscribe and add your family members and friends. Register at and take out the subscription today. Here you can see the costs and benefits of our subscription:

  • 25.- basic fee per month
  • 3 GB data in Switzerland included
  • Per additional GB in Switzerland you pay 6.- up to a maximum of 7 GB
  • From 7 GB you benefit from unlimited data in Switzerland for 49.- per month
  • With the Family + Friends Option you benefit from more data included
  • 1 GB roaming in the EU/USA included per month
  • Unlimited telephony and SMS in Switzerland included (excl. value added services)
  • MultiSIM Option and 5G Option can be added optionally
  • Payment with credit card or TWINT
  • On the Sunrise network, without data throttling

    Until February 27, you can benefit from the promotional price of 15.- instead of 25.-. You can find all information about the promotion here:

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If you are a student and have a SWITCH EDU-ID, you can benefit from the special price of 12.- instead of 25.-. You can find all information about the student offer here:

  • New to our range

    Our digitec connect mobile subscription, now for students at only 12.– per month

Do you have any questions or suggestions for us? What do you think of digitec connect? Take part in the discussion with the community. Click here for the digitec connect community discussion.

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